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30 days… August 22, 2019

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Anyone catch the idea the Sun suggested Johnson was considering – a ‘bilateral agreement with Ireland that will see Dublin diverge from EU rules temporarily to share a common rule book with the UK’. If true it would genuinely be a mark of desperation on the part of those proposing it. No doubt the idea is actually to suggest that the UK having to agree to close relationships with the EU is as bad. But there’s a difference. The UK needs, simply by dint of trading so heavily with the EU, to maintain a common rule book and standards with the EU.

Or as EUReferendum noted earlier in the year:

There is simply no prospect of the EU moving away from an absolute requirement for regulatory alignment, not least because any deviation from that principle would prejudice the integrity of the Single Market. Concessions would create precedents, and require similar treatment to be afforded to all the EU’s other trading partners.

Anyhow, the joint Merkel/Johnson press conference seemed to indicate Johnson accepted that it was up to the UK to offer a means of bypassing the backstop that actually had some substance. I wonder was that an error on his part (in every sense)? Though he was also bigging up the woeful Alternative Arrangements Commission report, which had near enough zero substance to it.


1. CL - August 22, 2019

“Johnson wants a hard Brexit. But he is also determined that the apparent contradiction between this wish and his government’s commitment to “furthering the security and prosperity of Northern Ireland” can be smoothed by means not yet considered. “-Katy Hayward, Huffington Post, UK, Aug 20, 2019.

““There are two statements. Both of them are correct. One statement is Britain wishes to leave the European Union.

“The other is the Good Friday Agreement needs to be preserved in letter and spirit, it needs to be respected. Not only Britain is saying that, but also the member state of the European Union, the Republic of Ireland that will continue to remain a member, and we have continued to say so, and this is part and parcel of our European positions.
“And we have to somehow try and align those positions which, at first glance is not so easy, but we need to do this.”-Merkel.

“A central question is: how does Brexit affect the Good Friday Agreement?…
Brexit undermines the principle that the constitutional status of Northern Ireland cannot change without the agreement of its people. The ‘principle of consent’ was and is central to the 1998 settlement.
In the 2016 referendum on leaving the EU, 56pc of those who voted in the North backed remaining in the EU….
But… the backstop…also breaches the principle of consent.”

Its difficult to see the Irish question being solved in the next 30 days,-or even before the deadline of Halloween.


2. CL - August 22, 2019

Macron ” we will not find a new withdrawal agreement within 30 days that will be very different to the existing one.

He says the agreement could be amended, “…

“Q: What is the alternative to the backstop?

Johnson says the reporter should read “an excellent paper” produced by Greg Hands and other MPs proposing alternatives. (That is a reference to the Alternative Arrangements Commission report.)-Guardian

Alternative Arrangements Commission,-Shanker Singham, Paul Bew, Kate Hoey, Graham Gudgin, Nigel Dodds, and others.


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EWI - August 22, 2019

Alternative Arrangements Commission,-Shanker Singham, Paul Bew, Kate Hoey, Graham Gudgin, Nigel Dodds, and others.

I would suggest that this group has been misnamed. How about the ‘Unicorn Quest Commission’?

No-one should be under any doubt that the DUP are up to their necks in causing Brexit, here.


CL - August 23, 2019

“That may mean a sudden surge of activity out of Number 10 in mid-September, timed – amongst other things – to distract from the Labour Party conference, which is set for Brighton on 21 September. Should Johnson then decide, formally to submit his “alternative arrangements” to Brussels, that could end up dominating the narrative.
One could hope that, between then and now, the media and opposition politicians (including those in the Conservative Party) might spend some time on a forensic analysis of these arrangements, with a view to debunking them. But since none of them have proved up to the job so far, it would be unwise to raise one’s expectations.”

Johnson, an imperial throwback, is now pushing a piece of unionist propapaganda-the ‘Alternative Arrangements’ of Singham, Bew, Dodds etc-as the alternative to the backstop. Will our gallant allies in Europe be fooled?


3. Aengus Millen - August 22, 2019

I sort of understood this as Merkel saying to Johnson ‘if it’s so easy why don’t you show us the alternative’ knowing he would fail.


WorldbyStorm - August 22, 2019

Very possibly that too.


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