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New dawn fades – predictably enough… August 22, 2019

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One has to wonder at the geniuses in M5S who thought a coalition with the League in Italy was ever a long-term proposition. Entertaining to see M5S now talking up a possible coalition with PD.


1. Aengus Millen - August 22, 2019

I think Lega has been played the most here. They were so sure that they would get a fresh election with this and that they would win it in a landslide. It was very funny to see them back track in the last few days to get M5S to rejoin the government. On the question of coalition with the PD funnily the rumor has always been that the left-wing of the PD represented by current chair Zingaretti wanted to ally with M5S if possible but that former Chair and PM Matteo Renzi was blocking that possibility and would leave the party if it happened. Ironically it was Renzi who when this crisis started suggested the possibility of allying temporarily with M5S. The speculation is he only wanted to do this to have time to setup the new centrist party he wants to form. Zingaretti was initially on the other side cause he thought an election would be the only way to get rid of the majority in his caucus that are still loyal to Renzi. However now Zingaretti is talking about forming a multi-year alliance with M5S (maybe led by the leader of the M5S so called left faction Roberto Fico) and Renzi can’t say no because he was the one who broached the topic of allying with M5S in the first place.
Zingaretti has said an agreement with M5S must be based on these 5 principles:
1) Loyal membership of the European Union
2) Full recognition of representative democracy, starting from the centrality of the Parliament
3) Development based on environmental sustainability
4) Change in the management of migratory flows, with full leadership of Europe
5) Breakthrough of economic and social recipes, in a redistributive key, which opens a season of investments


benmadigan - August 23, 2019

That’s a nice analysis Aengus. Thank you.

Renzi is of Tuscan Christian Democrat background so no doubt that is (was?) the “new” type of party he was aiming at setting up. Least heard of Renzi in the future, best for Italy!

M5* was and is a protest vote, garnering support from across the political spectrum, though like many protest votes (Colour revolutions) I suspect there was a large CIA input – at least originally .Otherwise some things just don’t stack up for me.

Let’s hope the left contingent in M5* now prevails and manages to set up a new govt with Zingaretti. Otherwise there will be no M5* in the future and discontented, disillusioned Italians will vote elsewhere


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