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More centrism August 24, 2019

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

If one thought that there was a strand of Fine Gael ‘liberal centrists’ behold the FF version as recorded by Jason O’Toole in the Mirror today interviewing Fianna Fail’s Lorraine Clifford-Lee.


1. Fergal - August 24, 2019

Speaking of extreme centrists…. an article in the Irish Times website claims that “Macron is one of the most progressive leaders in Europe.” I stopped reading after that… I think for certain people ‘progressive’ means new, modern, and pro-market… there was a time when it meant ‘left’… that’s gone isn’t it?
Macron afaik gave permission to mining companies in French Guyana to continue digging for gold and keep chopping down its forests to do so. Read this about a year ago… anybody know more about… the same fella lectures Italy on immigration- rightly so- and no sign of the port of Marseille being opened to those drowning in the Mediterranean? He seems like another extreme centrist hypocrite to me


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