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Sunday and the Week’s Media Stupid Statements August 25, 2019

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Ireland is not ready for unity, but we may have no choice but to take that step. It is vital to all of us that, if the necessity comes, we approach it with generosity, dignity, imagination and a feel for the full weight of its complexity.

‘Dignity’ eh? Revealing.

Meanwhile Stephen Collins in a long piece on Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan is unstinting in his praise – concluding with the idea that some may think a stretch that it was Charlie wot won the blasphemy and divorce referendums…

Support for the abolition of blasphemy and the significant easing of the divorce provisions never looked like engendering huge controversy but considering the way a number of proposals for constitutional change have been rejected by the electorate in the past there was always a danger that some spark could have set the issues alight and prompted a No vote.
Again it was Flanagan’s low-key approach to the two issues that convinced the overwhelming majority of people to support the change.


This is mere carping… but… the IT coverage of the PRONI release included the following:

Thomas began by observing the lack of Sinn Féin nameplates on the table compared to the government side. For his part, McGuinness surprised Thomas by asking “how Fred was” – an illusion, the minutes record, to contacts between the British government and the Provisionals in 1992.

Illusion – eh?

And then there’s a lecture on tolerance from Maria Steen in the IT…

Because it is right-thinking liberals who get to decide what speech is intolerant – and therefore exists outside the sphere of protection that tolerance requires – the result, in practical terms, is that the ethic of tolerance provides no restraint on liberals at all. It is only a restraint on the actions, the speech and ultimately, thought of their political opponents. In short, it is no ethic at all. It amounts to a thinly veiled attempt to avoid what would otherwise be an obvious charge of hypocrisy.

Which may indeed be true, but sits oddly with those who supported not merely the prohibition of divorce and abortion but also the censorship of information relating to abortion for many decades.

Other examples welcome.


1. Aonrud ⚘ - August 25, 2019

I think the Telegraph deserves special mention for actually paying a man to write that Olivia Colman shouldn’t play the queen because she has a “left-wing face”.

Can’t see the link now – probably best not to anyway…


WorldbyStorm - August 25, 2019

Wow… just… wow. That’s despicable and stupid on the part of whoever wrote it.


Liberius - August 25, 2019

Charles Moore.

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EWI - August 25, 2019

Any word from CharlesM on the recent resurfacing of longstanding paedophilia allegations against two central male members of Brenda’s family?


Starkadder - August 25, 2019

I’m aware of the Andrew / Epstein controversy, but what is the other one?


EWI - August 25, 2019

I’m aware of the Andrew / Epstein controversy, but what is the other one?



2. roddy - August 25, 2019

The late Willie Frazer once said that “Fenian looking people were snaking around Markethill” !

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benmadigan - August 25, 2019

here’s a post I wrote back then about Willie Frazer’s “Fenian-looking people” Enjoy it and its comments !!!



3. EWI - August 25, 2019

“Dignity” presumably means waiting on Fintan’s word as to how we should proceed. “Generosity” and ‘imagination’ means Commonwealth, and getting rid of that nasty flag, anthem and bog language?

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4. CL - August 25, 2019

“I believe the British government when it pledged last week it would “not put in place infrastructure, checks, or controls at the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland”.Eoghan Harris

“There is no technological solution that can tell whether a chicken breast has salmonella or whether a cow has bluetongue. …

it must be recognised that border management cannot work unilaterally.,,,”-Katy Hqyward.

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5. Starkadder - August 25, 2019


Oh I remember. There have been dodgy stories circulating about Montbatten for years. Apparently the FBI were watching him too:



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