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A chapter on the Irish left… August 26, 2019

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Kevin Squires of the IPSC has an interesting request here. He’s writing a chapter on Irish Trotskyism over the last decade – a ‘critical but sympathetic overview of how the SP and SWP responded the threats and opportunities thrown up by the crisis… what I feel they got right and what they got wrong…’

He’s looking for Conference Resolutions, Perspectives Documents, Members’ Bulletins etc. And from the ULA. There’s some of the latter in the Archive. Looks like an intriguing project.


1. Joe - August 26, 2019

Slightly off-topic but related.
I’ve been musing on the split in the CWI. (I’m good at musing). Opponents of the SP and the SWP in Ireland have always been able to throw the barb at them that they are franchises of UK operations and that they follow the direction of their respective motherships in London. That can’t be said now anymore about the SP. I wonder how things will develop now in the SP now they have severed the connection with the mothership. Any chance there will be any kind of open turn … less democratic centralism, more openness to debate and competing views among the membership, more openness to alliances on the left and less tendency to only seriously engage with fronts that they control? Any thoughts or whispers?


Conor Forde (@ConorEForde) - August 26, 2019

It may be a barb, but I feel it’s a barb that would more sting true internally but didn’t make much of an electoral difference. The “West Brit” angle may be something that comes up where border issues are at the forefront where SF are trying to swing voters away, but in core areas of support in Dublin it probably accounted for very little. Other issue are just much more important to voters there.

I’d be open to agree it may be a new breath of life for the internal organization at least. But there is a long way to go in general mindset of the members on alliances and playing nice with others if the post-LE reactions in recent months when this split was already underway are to be used as any indication.


Joe - August 26, 2019

Absolutely agree with your first paragarph CEF.


2. Kev S - August 27, 2019

Thanks WBS. If anyone has any relevant docs they can email me at trotdocdump@gmail.com

Of course the discussions on CLR down the years and materials from the ILA will be very important.

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