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Johnson rhetoric August 30, 2019

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It’s funny. I was looking at the headlines on RTÉ and they carried the likes of ‘Labour plans to use parliament to thwart no-deal Brexit’ and ‘EU’s duty to protect Irish peace and stability – Barnier’ and ‘Ruth Davidson resigns as leader of Scottish Conservatives’ along with ‘Johnson urges EU and UK to up tempo in Brexit talks’ and it struck me how the latter ignores the others entirely. The pointers to reality simply don’t exist for Johnson et al. And this is, in a way, the great failing of the Brexit project. From the off rather than engaging with the contradictions and paradoxes of the situation it developed in it has sought to ignore their reality.

That this now leaves the UK in a situation arguably unseen in any of our lifetimes is depressing but hardly unpredictable. If you try to simplify politics down to soundbites it is hardly surprising if politics shows up how simple your analysis is in the first place.

A modern European state. Rushing towards self-immolation. The thought struck me today that if one sought deliberately to divide Britain on economic, political and social/cultural lines one could hardly do better than the current situation.

Where this leaves us, of course, is quite a different matter again.


1. EWI - August 30, 2019

A modern European state. Rushing towards self-immolation.

The problem is, that this was never a ‘modern European state’. It was always more akin to Yugoslavia of Czechoslovakia; an unstable imperial lashup of peoples under a dominant nationality.


tafkaGW - August 30, 2019

Exactly. The dUK never had a liberal revolution or constitution, but instead the feudal order lashed something up with new capitalist classes, and the ghastly Frankensteinien creature staggered onward.

It’s constitutionally worse than Yugoslavia: at least they had a written constitution.

And rule by a cadre with experience of successful anti-fascist partisan war, rather than spivs and posh boys with Dad’s Army fantasies.


2. CL - August 30, 2019

Johnson with a majority of just one in the HoC is able to act like a dictator.

“In Federalist No. 69, New York’s own Alexander Hamilton outlined differences between the new U.S. government promised by the Constitution and the monarchy of Great Britain, from which the young Republic had just broken. Among them: The king or queen “may prorogue or even dissolve the Parliament,” whereas the president can do no such thing.
That great advantage of having a Congress on equal footing with the executive would sure come in handy now for our friends across the pond, as new Prime Minister Boris Johnson anti-democratically maneuvers to lock out his country’s legislature to foreclose any possibility of an agreement not to his liking with the nation hurtling toward a no-deal Brexit.”

“The debate over constitutionality is fascinating and important. But it is also absurd because we have no written constitution. Instead, we have a hodgepodge of procedural rules, ancient customs, conventions, norms, and the Queen’s obscure power-not-power. We have airy principles. But, ultimately, our “unwritten” constitution means that in times of crisis, such as now, anyone can choose a principle to justify their arguments. ”

“Germany’s public broadcaster Deutsche Welle went with the headline: “Boris the dictator” above an editorial saying a “weakness in the British political system – rooted in its archaic traditions and heritage – is coming back to haunt the country”. The outlet added that “What Johnson is doing… is befitting of a military dictatorship”.


3. Roger Cole - August 30, 2019

Great comments, nothing like it in the irish corporate media


4. CL - August 31, 2019

“Britain is experiencing a slow-moving coup d’etat in which a right-wing government progressively closes down or marginalises effective opposition to its rule. It concentrates power in its own hands by stifling parliament, denouncing its opponents as traitors to the nation, displacing critics in its own ranks, and purging non-partisan civil servants….
What we are seeing has nothing to do with the British past but a very modern coup in which a demagogic nationalist populist authoritarian leader vaults into power through quasi-democratic means and makes sure that he cannot be removed….
This is one of the strengths of the Johnson coup: many people cannot believe that it has happened….
It is those who have been mocked for trying to recreate a fantasy England, such as Johnson and his chief lieutenants, who are much more in tune with the modern world and instinctively follow in the footsteps of Trump, Erdogan and their like from Washington to Sao Paolo and Budapest to Manila….
Johnson, Erdogan and Trump are alike in specialising in aggressive patriotism, defence of an endangered national independence, and nostalgia for past glories.”-Patrick Cockburn


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