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Uncivil wars… Brexit August 30, 2019

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Speaking of Dominic Cummings I’m hoping to get Brexit: The Uncivil Wars – the TV drama which focuses on Cummings and Vote Leave. But if you want to hear more about him check out this Today in Focus podcast from the Guardian where James Graham, the screenwriter of the Uncivil Wars talks about Cummings.

Interesting point made by Graham, who is clear that Cummings is a right radical figure. And he argued that this was of a piece with Brexit ‘this is an ideological movement not based in pragmatism, it feels relatively reckless and all the things the right accuses the left of being’.


1. Dermot M O Connor - August 30, 2019


Saw the show a couple of weeks ago. Enjoyable, but DC is portrayed very sympathetically, seemed to me, even if a bit of a space alien (with apparent mental health / sanity issues). Made everyone around him look like degrees of idiot. Definitely a bit Sherlocky in tone.

Don’t know enough about the campaign nuts & bolts to know how accurate the details are. Interested to know if people here saw it/thought of it.

Have you seen Portillo’s ‘Trouble with the Tories’? Def. makes it seem that the Tories are up the creek.

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WorldbyStorm - August 31, 2019

I haven’t, re Portillo’s thing. He’s an interesting character. Again, another Tory who has an almost human aspect.


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - August 31, 2019

He had to learn it the hard way. Remember him in the 90s? the Dracula figure in Major’s government.
However, it is probable that this reflects the degeneracy of Toryism.

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WorldbyStorm - August 31, 2019

All too well do I remember him. I do wonder if his fathers radicalism did have an effect long term. I loath Tories, but he seemed to soften didn’t he?


Lamentreat - September 2, 2019

Hard to tell if he genuinely changed his opinions, or if it’s all a media persona. Loses one career when he gets turfed out as an MP, then develops a new schtick to get his media brand up and running.


Lamentreat - September 2, 2019

Agree 100%, I just watched it – it was a fun, pacy dramatization, but it’s really borderline hagiography of Cummings. The poor melancholy genius, he sees too much and too far, bearing the weight of all that we poor creatures cannot understand, that sort of thing.


tafkaGW - September 2, 2019

Good – thanks for the review. I won’t go out of may way to see that.

Cummings is a standard-issue tech oligarch worshiper,
anti-democrat and singularist etc. who has the good luck to fall in with the oligarchs who funded Brexit.


Lamentreat - September 2, 2019

Kind of random question about the “Trouble with Tories” programme: starting at 29.30 there are a couple of clips from a speech by Heath.

Quite interesting, very “grand vision of Europe.” He must have just come back from holidays on his boat because his face is extremely sunburned.

The voice over suggests it’s some kind of internal Tory gathering, but they don’t say what the event is or when, which is what I’d like to know. I tried to Google it but couldn’t find an answer.


2. korhomme - August 30, 2019

In perhaps the only assessment he got right, David Cameron called Dominic Cummings a ‘career psychopath’.

I did see the Uncivil Wars play; it’s fiction, but scary.

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WorldbyStorm - August 31, 2019

Just got it second hand in the post yesterday. Looking forward to viewing it (in a way!).


3. Alibaba - August 31, 2019

Speaking of uncivil wars Sajid Javid seemed offended because he was not told in advance of his media adviser’s sacking by Dominic Cummings. That’s territorial pissing telling him: “You’re not in charge around here!”

Yet Javid told BBC’s Radio 4 Today programme any suggestions that Downing Street was not allowing him enough authority over the Treasury is “a picture painted by government’s opponents”.


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