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Coalition September 9, 2019

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This should be entertaining, the Labour Party is set to determine its ‘red lines ahead of entering any future coalition’ this very day in Cork where its parliamentary party meets.


1. tafkaGW - September 9, 2019

How about red line number 1, or should that be 0.1:

– Get enough seats to be in the running for any coalition

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2. Joe - September 9, 2019

I saw them on the telly last night, all lined up behind Howlin – the Labour zombies. All the oul lads and oul wans. Costello, Stagg and how many more are intent on winning their seats back? Labour needs fresh blood. Oh, sorry that’s vampires not zombies. Although zombies do like fresh brains so Labour needs them too.
This must be the most ageist post ever on CLR.


irishelectionliterature - September 9, 2019

The problem is that most of the fresh blood is in areas that already have sitting Labour TD’s ,Senators or ex TD’s intent on winning their seats back.
Of their 7 TD’s , five of them are 63 and over and Kelly and Sherlock are in their forties. The nature of Irish Politics is that these all have a big personal vote (They wouldn’t have survived in 2016 otherwise) and when they retire it’s going to be very difficult for the party to hold on to the seats.


Fergal - September 9, 2019

Can the colour red and Labour still be used in the same sentence..?
What about … grey lines? Yellow lines? Light blue lines ? But surely not red lines?


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