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1989 revisited: 10 September – Hungary allows East Germans into Austria September 10, 2019

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Hungary announced today that it is allowing thousands of East Germans who have refused to return home to leave for West Germany. It was another chapter, and a dramatic one, in a summerlong exodus through the new Hungarian gap in the Communist frontier.The announcement cleared the way for more than 7,000 East Germans, who have said they wanted to go west, to do so beginning at midnight. But it was possible that this number might substantially increase as other East Germans, now in Hungary as tourists, take advantage of the new opportunity. Hungary’s Foreign Minister said there are 60,000 people in this category.A declaration by the Hungarian Government said that because of the ”unbearable situation” created by the tide of East Germans trying to leave their country, Hungary has decided to temporarily suspend a 20-year-old agreement with East Germany and to allow the refugees free passage ”to a country of their choice.” Tears of Joy


1. The Flensburg Files - September 11, 2019

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30 years ago today, the gates to the west officially opened. However it was not the one between East and West Germany; it was the one between Hungary and Austria. For many remembering this day today, this was Ground Zero, a new start after years of Repression in the former East Germany. For those who followed the Events remember this day, it was the day where they could leave….. and they did leave. Details through the Cedar Lounge are here.


WorldbyStorm - September 11, 2019

Very true re it being Hungary and Austria


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