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The annual Sean O’Casey Festival 10th September – 23rd September – Dublin North Docks Community September 11, 2019

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Exciting programme of theatre, film , music , art and history announced

The Dublin North Docks community will play host to the Sean O’Casey Festival 2019 from Tuesday 10th September until Saturday 21st September.

The great playwright lived in the North Wall / East Wall area for three decades of his life, and much of the inspiration for his writing came from his time here. Many of the most memorable characters in his most famous plays can be identified as originating with the real residents of the area and the language and humour of their speech is an authentic voice of working class Dublin of that era .

Last years inaugural festival concentrated on the work of O’Casey , including performances of some of his lesser known one-act plays. This year festival organisers are concentrating on works inspired by or in the tradition of O’Casey , or associated with his era.

Festival co-ordinators Fran Laycock and Neili Conroy explain the background :

Neili Conroy  (Actor ‘Fair City’ / ‘Love Hate’) :  

“Sean O’Casey spent three decades of his life in the Dublin Docklands area and much of the inspiration of his early plays is drawn from the people and situations within that community. The aim of the festival is not just about celebrating the legacy of the great playwright , it is about ensuring that he is identified with the community that helped shape him . What better way to celebrate his memory than by presenting great drama, great art , great music in the theatre named in his honour”.

Fran Laycock (Sean O’Casey Theatre) : 

“The festival is a mixture of fresh , upcoming talent and more established artists and performers , and is supported by Dublin City Council. We are also delighted to work for the first time with the Irish Film Institute who are hosting a screening of the 1964 movie “Young Cassidy” as part of the festival”.

Brochure attached .

Full details of all events can be found here :


For further information contact Joe Mooney at 087 669 8587


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