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They’re on the bridge to nowhere… September 12, 2019

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CL notes this in comments today…

Boris Johnson has told government officials to explore the possibility of building a bridge between Scotland and Northern Ireland.
Documents seen by Channel 4 News reveal that both the Treasury and Department for Transport have been asked for advice on the costs and risks of such a project.
The prime minister wants to know “where this money could come from” and “the risks around the project” – which appear to include “WW2 munitions in the Irish Sea”.

And this has to be simply wrong:

The DUP, the party supporting the Conservatives in Parliament, believes a bridge could break the Brexit impasse by removing the need for a border in the Irish Sea.

As noted on Slugger when this was linked to by Brian Walker, surely the DUP realise that the ‘border’ isn’t patrolled by ships in the middle of the Irish Sea but is a function of controls at the points where goods and people depart or arrive on either side and this was a function of over-enthusiastic reporting.

Or perhaps they don’t realise…


1. Jim Monaghan - September 12, 2019

A second Channel tunnel would make sense.
Mind you on a sad footnote, Dun Laoghaire is “celebrating” it’s 200 year anniversary. One disused and one derelict jetties. No doubt the mamangement are still getting huge salaries and foreing travel


2. EWI - September 12, 2019

Or perhaps they’re just the completely untrustworthy, bad-faith actors they’ve always been and will remain (paging Bertie).


3. Polly - September 12, 2019

That research shouldn’t take too long. All the officials have to do is google ‘Beaufort Dyke’ and that should give them all they need on the ‘risks around … WWII munitions’ .

Jesus. What next ? Sunbeams from cucumbers? Self-financing tax cuts?

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4. Joe - September 12, 2019

A bridge or tunnel is inevitable though, isn’t it? It’s just a matter of when. Like a UI, not in my lifetime but maybe within 30 years of my death. Yis can name it after me – the bridge, not the UI.

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EWI - September 12, 2019

A bridge or tunnel is inevitable though, isn’t it? […] Yis can name it after me – the bridge, not the UI.

Is ‘Blows up a lot’ your surname or given name?


Joe - September 12, 2019



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