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1989 revisited: 13 September – first non-communist government of Poland sworn into office September 13, 2019

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Led by Tadeusz Mazowiecki this was coalition between Solidarity, the United People’s Party (formerly a ‘satellite’ party of the ruling PZPR) and the centrist Alliance of Democrats. Notably the Cabinet contained members of the PZPR who retained the Ministries of Internal Affairs, National Defence, Foreign Economic Cooperation and Transport.


1. alanmyler - September 14, 2019

It’s a good thing that you’re posting this series of steps along the road to the end of what we call actually existing socialism or whatever. The posts aren’t getting much comment, but the pace of your posts is certainly reminding me of that historical process, watched slost daiky in the TV news that summer, and it seems to me we should remember it, we shouldn’t forget, we shouldn’t let it slide into history unremarked. I’m ashamed to say that my mind was on other things at the time, it was a glorious summer, my last one in London, I’d quite work, was enjoying being 25, and was looking forward to going to Australia. By now, September, I was there and my glimpses of the unfolding history were fleeting. Anyway well done on the posts.

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WorldbyStorm - September 14, 2019

Thanks Alan. There’s a lot to learn from the process. It really sped up in Oct-Dec!

By the way, there’s a mention of you in an upcoming post this weekend!


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