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No bridge builder he… September 13, 2019

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This is fantastic, a recent take-down by an offshore engineer of the ‘Scotland/Northern Ireland Bridge’ proposed by Boris Johnson. Let’s just say the engineer is unconvinced that the project is feasible?

Why ever not, it only requires a 22 mile long bridge spanning depths of 1,000ft – including the munitions filled Beaufort Dyke – and requiring 30 support towers ‘at least 1,400ft high’ the like of which has never been built on the planet. Yet Johnson was out only in this last twenty-four hours…

Boris Johnson has revived his plan to build a bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland – saying that it would be a “very good” idea and that it would cost £15bn.
Speaking to children during his visit to lighthouse tender NLV Pharos on the Thames, Johnson said he had recently been discussing the possibility of constructing a bridge over the Irish Sea. He said:

[I was talking yesterday] about building a bridge from Stranraer in Scotland to Larne in Northern Ireland – that would be very good. It would only cost about £15bn.

The current era, any leader can talk absolute rubbish about stuff and not be laughed out of it.


1. simonjkyte - September 13, 2019

and possibly an ‘island airport’ in the middle?


2. entdinglichung - September 13, 2019

guess that BoJo will ask Denmark soon if they will sell the Faroe Islands to him


3. NFB - September 13, 2019

I’m surprised the soundbyte isn’t about building a tunnel ala the English Channel. Probably slightly more feasible, while remaining pretty much impossible because of the depth and possibility of the whole thing exploding.


4. tafkaGW - September 13, 2019

Giant trebuchets with the launching baskets in the shape of bowler hats and safety nets stationed on the Antrim and Scottish coasts are a workable (on the BJ scale of workability) solution.

If you could keep a quasi-continuous stream of volunteer bodies (I’m looking at you, United Orange Order) in the air it would constitute a virtual landbridge, wouldn’t it?


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