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Self service tills… September 14, 2019

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Anyone in Dealz recently? I was at their Clare Hall outlet looking for baked crisps (natch!) which they didn’t have and was fairly entertained by their self-service check out tills. There’s almost no circumstances in which I’ll use them ahead of a human check out. One side of that is an aversion to seeing jobs replaced by automation, because of their tendency to run into problems with basic aspects of shopping – for example, not recognising bags in bagging areas, having problems with bar codes and so on.

Dealz, though, has decided that having jokey voices on their tills is a good idea – last Summer Elvis, this year a Yoda-alike (Apologies for link to Sun). It is, as was put to me, a vast improvement on ‘English voices barking at you’ (a problem Tesco part addressed some years back).

Psychologically it’s clever. Won’t convince me to use them though.


1. oliverbohs - September 14, 2019

They had Santa Claus at Xmas, saying the same thing ad nauseum on each self service till. Not funny the first time. The millionth time, a come-on for a staff member to “go postal”. In self service tills in other shops e.g. Tesco, those mechanical voices sounds can sometimes be lowered, not surprisingly. Regarding the other tills, I’ve noticed that Dealz staff are also told to ask customers if they wish to purchase some item of stock beside the till, usually an untempting choc bar taking up vast amounts of space out the back. The very half hearted attempts at this upselling is grimly amusing.
Dealz is cheap and that is to its credit. Its working conditions, not so much. You couldn’t work there if you took it seriously, basically. You’d go doolally. It’s at the buttend of retail work

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WorldbyStorm - September 14, 2019

Yeah, it’s no picnic in there – I get the impression talking to the staff they don’t take it seriously.


2. EWI - September 14, 2019

There really should be a tax on automated tills, equivalent to the average industrial wage.

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WorldbyStorm - September 14, 2019

That’s a great idea.


WorldbyStorm - September 14, 2019

And circling back to the original thoughts, actually the sheer uselessness of them is amazing. They’re really not fit for purpose.


EWI - September 14, 2019

Thanks. And it’s very irritating to see them being promoted as ‘fast lane’ and such, when they’re clearly no such thing (and in my experience are actually much slower).

The only actual effect, obviously, is to make the customer check-out and bag their own groceries, getting rid of a store employee wage.

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WorldbyStorm - September 14, 2019

It would be interesting to see if they’re actually economic to run.


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