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Yet more TV subscription services… September 14, 2019

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Was entertained by the Apple Event this last week. Gasp at three cameras on its flagship iPhone 11, gasp at the price of the Apple Watch, gasp at the horrible horrible ‘slofies’ idea (that is slow motion video clips. 😦 ). Some clever moves – not least their Apple TV+ television streaming network that is free for a year with the purchase of a range of Apple devices and priced at $4.99 per month otherwise. Low enough, at this point, in a world where soon there may be far far too many providers of streamed TV. Or actually where there already are!

Speaking of which, one of the Apple TV+ flagship offerings is ‘See’ – dystopian future where people are blind. Check it out on YouTube. It looks… weird. And unlikely. And weird. How could armies engage if they couldn’t see anything? Likewise planting crops, building buildings. And on and on and on. I had cause to re-read the first chapter of John Wyndham’s The Triffids recently which depicts a world where almost everyone has lost their sight. That surely didn’t suggest a population that would survive well.


1. EWI - September 14, 2019

The camera stuff is rather clever engineering to get around the limited space in which to place ever-more SLR-like camera functionality on a smartphone.

SEE looks like a rather bad YA epic, and one particularly prone to ridicule. I rather hope that their ‘Asimov-verse’ series does better – not a good sign that it’s been sent to the Limerick studios who gave us the awful adaptation of GRRM’s NIGHTFLYERS.

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WorldbyStorm - September 14, 2019

I managed to watch the first episode of Nightflyers and gave up after that. It was abysmal, agreed. And not great news re Foundation. I hope the alternate space race one is a bit better.


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