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Felines… September 15, 2019

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Read this the other day about the ‘science of stroking a cat’ by Lauren Finka, of Nottingham Trent University. Thought this sensible.

Whether cats make good “fur babies”, then, is very debatable. Lots of cats do like being touched, but lots probably don’t – and many tolerate it at best. Ultimately though, when it comes to cats, it’s important to respect their boundaries – and the wildcat within – even if that means admiring their cuteness from afar.

I like cats, but the idea they are ‘fur babies’ kind of grates on me. Particularly since having two cats in the house – courtesy, I kid you not, of LeftAtTheCrossroads, for which I am very grateful – it is difficult to feel that sort of sentimentality about them. One is a friendly creature, much given to patrolling the neighbourhood and vanishing for the night while doing so. He returns to eat and sleep before commencing the patrols again. The other is more inclined to spend time in the house, but allied to that she is a fantastic hunter, almost too good. In the last couple of weeks alone she has delivered a number of dismembered pigeons to the back door and I found her at the weekend batting a small and very terrified mouse around with the sort of enthusiasm I hope I never see replicated in a human. Fur baby seems almost demeaning as a term for creatures who are excellent predators.


1. alanmyler - September 15, 2019

Glad to hear they’re happily settled into urban life there. I share your views about cats, a sort of distant affection tainted by the reality that they’re in it completely for themselves and would hunt is if only they were big enough. I’m definitely more a dog person myself, even if our country collie smells of cow shit all the time, he’s still adorable. BTW, do you want some more kittens, we have new ones? 🙂


WorldbyStorm - September 15, 2019

That would a no, thank you. 🙂 Much as they are welcome two is enough.

I like dogs a lot too and in a perfect world would love a collie, but it ain’t going to happen any time soon.

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