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Maria Walsh FG MEP, interviewed… September 15, 2019

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Jason O’Toole in the Mirror talks to Fine Gael MEP Maria Walsh.

What’s telling is how little policy appears to exercise her. The big issues of the day hardly get a mention… she’s all about walking the Camino, and making it clear she ‘went to Mass every day’ the first time she did it but ‘was unable to do so on this occasion on the more isolated route’.


As a lesbian, Maria said she is not happy about the Church’s stance on same-sex marriage.

She added: “But if you’re not in the pews then it’s very hard to make a statement then, isn’t it? And I get more out of the Church than what some people do. It just makes sense for me.”

And politics?

[she] acknowledged there couldn’t be a worse time to be starting out as a new MEP with Brexit looming.

Asked for her thoughts on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, she said: “I think he’s out of touch with reality.

“The question needs to be asked to the people again and I think you’d get a different outcome.

“I think when you’re quite blase and jovial with your wording, particularly around the peace process, my feelings of confidence in somebody lessens and that’s where he sits rights now.”

And that, bar a cursory mention of the election date, is her done. Is this the new politics?


1. John Goodwillie - September 15, 2019

You mean Maria Walsh. I was wondering!

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WorldbyStorm - September 15, 2019

Hahah, there’s a Freudian slip and no mistake. I’ve amended the original post for them.


2. EWI - September 15, 2019

I thought a year or two back, when Bailey first appeared, that what was on display was a pretty vapid PR personality with future career ambition being the only substance (my impression hasn’t changed).


EWI - September 15, 2019

*Walsh. Yes, she really is that forgettable.

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