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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements September 15, 2019

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Helen Thomas, Tory advisor, in the IT, during the week, argues in a piece lauding Johnson’s tactical and strategic skills that:

If the UK will not impose a border, then it will be up to Ireland to decide how to maintain the integrity of the single market. Rather than the Border being a weapon that forces the UK to choose between the union and the EU, it will instead force Ireland to choose between the UK and the EU.

At this late stage, does she really believe that?

Speaking of belief, does the author of the following genuinely believe that comments on television and radio reports carry the almost inexorable weight he seems to assign to them?

Last Tuesday, Bertie Ahern was equally emphatic – there could be no unilateral solution to the backstop that did not involve the majority of unionists.

Proof of the power of pluralist words came swiftly from Jeffrey Donaldson on RTE News that night.

“I welcome very much the comments today by the leader of Fianna Fail, Micheal Martin, and by the former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern. I think they were very significant comments, recognising that unionists have valid concerns that need to be addressed… and I think these comments were very helpful.”

Though there’s this that the same correspondent seems to think is gold, despite the words of numerous PSNI and NI civil servants about the dangers of a resumption of violence:

Henry McDonald, correspondent with The Guardian, author of Two Souls, a dark but hilarious novel about Belfast in the 1970s, spoke to Hot Press.

He was caustic about how media opponents of Brexit were bigging up the dissident threat.

“People are dishonestly ramping up the Brexit effect, saying, ‘We’re going back to war’. No, we’re f**king not. It’s insulting. I find some journalists the worst offenders.”

And then on to a degraded public discourse on both this island and the one to the east… for example a sitting TD said the following this week:

But if you watch the news and you listen, and even our Taoiseach three weeks ago said he’d take in an extra 200, eh what do you call, migrants from Africa – these are economic migrants.

“These are people that are coming over here from Africa to… to sponge off the system here in Ireland.

And there’s this contribution from the UK:

On Boris Johnson’s comments that Britain will break out of EU like The Incredible Hulk, Brexit minister Stephen Barclay said: “The Hulk was a winner and was extremely popular and I’d rather be backing a character and a leader who is The Hulk rather than one who is on the chicken run as Jeremy Corbyn is.”


1. EWI - September 15, 2019

I think they were very significant comments, recognising that unionists have valid concerns that need to be addressed

Not a sausage of a mention by EH that the DUP were intimately involved with the Brexit campaign as a conduit for dark money, have since intervened in UK affairs to prop up pro-Brexit governments, and clearly want the hardest Brexit possible?

And McDonald has ‘other’ biographical details of more relevance for Harris’s readers than a stupid, sorry ‘hilarious’, novel.

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Paul Culloty - September 15, 2019

See also Jeffrey Donaldson’s article, where he claims it’s a myth to suggest the DUP wants a hard Border, yet they have failed to take any action that would solve the issue on a UK-wide basis, such as recommending to stay in the EEA, or indeed voting for a WA reworked specifically for them.

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WorldbyStorm - September 15, 2019

There’s something so disingenuous about the way they’ve played Brexit from the off. I love the way they despatch Donaldson south as the voice of near reason but in every other respect function with no concern, let alone consideration, of the impact of these processes on the island as a whole.

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2. roddy - September 15, 2019

Would those other “biographical details” involve “the biggest lie in the history of Irish politics”?


3. Colm B - September 16, 2019

There is a strong correlation, in terms of ideological journey, organisational methods, continuities with previous incarnations, guru status of central figure, links with sections of ruling class etc. etc. between the two right-wing groups: Harris clique and the LM/Spiked group.
The only big difference I see is that the LM group were ultra PIRA supporters back in the day (difficult one for corporate shils to justify nowadays) while the other group…..B!

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4. nollaigoj - September 16, 2019

…..while the other group…..B!

The love that dare not speak its name ??!!


5. roddy - September 16, 2019

Whats LM?


Colm B - September 16, 2019

The ultra-libertarian corporate-funded right-wing network around the academic Frank Furedi is sometimes called the LM network after a magazine they published called Living Marxism. Before that they were a left-wing sect called the Revolutionary Communist Party. I know it sounds nuts but they’ve morphed 100% ideologically while keeping the old methods. They run the Spiked website and a host of right-wing front groups.
Oh ….and they are absolutely vile in all senses of that word.


CL - September 17, 2019
6. roddy - September 16, 2019



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