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Do they seem a little anxious? September 19, 2019

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Anyone had the feeling that the DUP seem a bit rattled this last few days. They certainly seem to be back-pedalling on their previous rhetoric in regard to Dublin. Not least in the following:

Ms Foster is in Dublin as the guest speaker at a Dublin Chamber function.

She said those who question the stance of her party should check the letter that she and then deputy first minister of the Northern Ireland Assembly Martin McGuinness sent to former British prime minister Theresa May in August 2016, in which they outlined their concerns about Brexit.


“We have never been no-deal Brexiteers. We have always said we wanted to find a way through, a deal that recognised what was happening on this island but also the constitutional position of Northern Ireland.

Still, what of this?

Mrs Foster added: “I’ve heard from Europe today … about the majority in Northern Ireland wanting to have the backstop.

“But if you look at the Belfast [Good Friday] Agreement, it’s about parallel consent, it’s about the consent of nationalism and the consent of unionism.

“There are no unionist MLAs who support the backstop at present so therefore there is a need to find a way forward which everybody can buy in to.”

That’s a neat piece of footwork – suddenly its MLA’s that are the focus, MLA’s in an institution that is not sitting? This is straight from the Eoghan Harris playbook, though ignoring that on the constitutional issue it is a straight vote: 50% +1. And then there’s the small issue of the most recent vote in NI, that being the European Parliament elections where pro-backstop candidates from SF and Alliance had commanding votes (with the latter clearly drawing support from unionist voters too).

Yet more broadly, what is her solution and that of the DUP? They’re the ones who have argued against the backstop and a no-deal. So what precisely do they think can replace either of those?


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