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Micheál Martin and ‘megaphone diplomacy’… September 20, 2019

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Having mentioned this yesterday it’s funny reading this linked to in comments on Slugger and reflecting upon Micheál Martin’s complaints about Irish government megaphone diplomacy in recent years.

Consider the following:

Stormont’s First Minister has aimed a stinging broadside at the Government’s all-Ireland Brexit forum, insisting she had better things to do than listen to a lot of “grandstanding remoaners”.
Democratic Unionist leader Arlene Foster has already declined an invite to attend next week’s “civic dialogue” event in Dublin, which has been organised by Taoiseach Enda Kenny to discuss the fall-out from the referendum result.
Explaining her reason for staying away, Mrs Foster, a Brexiteer, portrayed the gathering as little more than a talking shop for those who refuse to accept the UK is leaving the EU.
“It’s a complete grandstanding exercise,” she said.
“It will be full of people who quite frankly haven’t accepted the referendum result going down to talk about how dreadful it is and how awful it is.
“Mark my words that’s exactly what will happen at the grandstanding forum that will come about.

Martin’s complaints are unfounded but he really would find it profitable to reconsider the history of the interactions on the island since 2016. If not before.


1. EWI - September 20, 2019

FF finds itself in the curious position of having a leader who’s gone full West Briton (Lynch only played footsie in this regard. There may be an ongoing problem with ‘republican’ leaders from Cork for the past century).


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