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That space film… no not that one, the other one… September 21, 2019

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Ad Astra, the Brad Pitt space vehicle, is getting some good reviews, and I’m hoping to see it in the next couple of weeks. Slate.com’s usually reliable Dana Stevens liked it a lot here. And wrote:

When Brad Pitt, as the astronaut Roy McBride, flies to the moon in James Gray’s elegant space epic Ad Astra, he takes Virgin Atlantic. Though the company’s logo looks roughly the same, an onboard blanket-and-pillow pack will, by the time this movie’s undated near-future arrives, cost $125. The moon base where Roy’s commercial flight lands also boasts an Applebee’s, a Subway, and other familiar fixtures of the landscape of 21st-century capitalism. These brand names go uncommented on, mere background details in the dense weave of a story that pairs intense action sequences—we’ll get to the moon-buggy car chase momentarily—with long stretches of near silent cockpit-bound solitude. But the inclusion of those familiar corporate signs gives this sometimes driftingly abstract movie a grounding in the recognizable world, not to mention a welcome dash of humor.

Hmmm… the protagonist ‘flies’ to the Moon. On a Virgin Atlantic spaceship. And there are corporate logos. Now what does that remind me of? Some other film, unmentioned in the review. Starts with a number, directed by a guy whose name starts with a K… tip of my tongue…tip of my tongue.


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