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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Songs about food September 21, 2019

Posted by irishelectionliterature in This Weekend I'll Mostly Be Listening to....

A week and a half ago the cooker at home broke. An old fashioned all in one with hob , grill and oven in one ….. Yep we’ll get takeaways till we get a new one!…… You get sick of takeaways and it’s time to try the microwave dinners… you’d get sick of them fairly quick too. Sandwiches, bowls of cereal, microwaved soup, beans, toast, tinned rice pudding ……..
Was at a Funeral down the Country during the week and there was a meal in the hotel afterwards, was never so delighted to see Broccoli, mash, carrots and parsnips on a plate! A proper dinner.
The new cooker arrived but there’s an issue with the Switch on the cooker….. So there could be more microwave dinners.
As an aside you’d wonder how people can live normally in a Hotel Room without any proper cooling facilities.


1. WorldbyStorm - September 21, 2019

Great selection but your point about hotel dinners and takeaways is something I’ve wondered about too. There’s a sameness to that food after a while that is very different to home prepared and cooked food. Can’t quite put my finger on it – too much salt or too much something anyhow.


WorldbyStorm - September 21, 2019

And on the issue of people in hotels – the creature has friends who were in hotels for a number of years during the last decade due to homelessness. Just terrible as a place for kids in particular in terms of having to depend on bought in food etc. And very unhealthy in that respect.


Alibaba - September 21, 2019

That mention of ‘A proper dinner’ brings back memories to me. When a Sunday dinner was put down before us, we would always be told “You’d pay a fortune for that in a hotel!” And multiple vegetables because we were allowed to refuse one vegetable only (mine was turnip) and the remains would be taken by another family member around the table, as chatting flowed. Deadly.

Homeless people living in hotel rooms surely have deeply unpleasant experiences.

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WorldbyStorm - September 21, 2019

Sunday dinner, that could be great.


irishelectionliterature - September 21, 2019

It’s totally depressing. A hotel for a family is shelter but little else. The cost of pre cooked food means there’s likely to be poor enough diets too.

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2. Mick 2 - September 21, 2019

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3. roddy - September 21, 2019

Slightly off topic but I just saw an awe inspiring clip of “Blind James Campbell” performing “John Henry” on Gerry Adams twitter feed 18th Sep.Would post it here but don’t know how to.Maybe somebody will upload it?

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CL - September 21, 2019


4. roddy - September 21, 2019


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5. CL - September 21, 2019

Historically, there has been considerable interaction between country music and African -American music.

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6. Joe - September 21, 2019


WorldbyStorm - September 21, 2019

Fantastic selection of tracks from you all.


7. Dr. Nightdub - September 22, 2019

The best song ever about food was Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros, “Bhindi Bhagee”

And if you want to check out the lyrics, cos forever with Strummer, there’s a message:

Well, I was walking down the High Road
And this guy stops me
He’d just got in from New Zealand
And he was looking for mushy peas
I said, no, we hadn’t really got ’em round here
I said, but we do got

Balti, Bhindi, strictly Hindi
Dall, Halal and I’m walking down the road
We got rocksoul, okra, bombay duck-ra
Shrimp beansprout, comes with it or without – with it or without
Bagels soft or simply harder
Exotic avocado or toxic empenada
We got akee, lassi, Somali waccy baccy
I’m sure back home you know what tikka’s all about – what tikka’s all about

Welcome stranger to the humble neighborhoods
You can get inspiration along the highroad

Hommus, cous cous in the jus of octopus
Pastrami and salami and lasagne on the go
Welcome stranger, there’s no danger
Welcome to this humble neighborhood

There’s Balti, Bhindi, strictly Hindi
Dall, Halal and I’m walking down the road
Rocksoul, okra, bombay duck-ra
Shrimp beansprout, comes with it or without

So anyway, I told him I was in a band
He said, “Oh yeah, oh yeah – what’s your music like?”
I said, “It’s um, um, well, it’s kinda like
You know, it’s got a bit of, um, you know.”

Ragga, Bhangra, two-step Tanga
Mini-cab radio, music on the go
Um, surfbeat, backbeat, frontbeat, backseat
There’s a bunch of players and they’re really letting go
We got, Brit pop, hip hop, rockabilly, Lindy hop
Gaelic heavy metal fans fighting in the road
Ah, Sunday boozers for chewing gum users
They got a crazy D.J. and she’s really letting go

Oh, welcome stranger
Welcome stranger to the humble neighborhoods

Well, I say, there’s plenty of places to eat round here
He say, “Oh yeah, I’m pretty choosy.”

You got
Balti, Bhindi, strictly Hindi
Dall, Halal, walking down the road
Rocksoul, okra, bombay duck-ra
Shrimp beansprout, comes with it or without
Let’s check it out

Welcome stranger to the humble neighborhoods, neighborhoods
Check out all that

Por-da-sol, por-da-sol
Walking down the highroad

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WorldbyStorm - September 22, 2019

One thing I love about strummer is how he transcended his class background.


8. Lamentreat - September 22, 2019

There’s also the underrated Weird Al Yankovic, who can be genuinely funny and has a whole album of food songs…



9. Lamentreat - September 22, 2019

Also the under-rated Weird Al Yankovich, who can be genuinely funny, and has a whole album of food songs…



Fergal - September 22, 2019

Food…The Buddhists believe that the making and preparation of food is an act of love… and maybe that’s why hotels etc can never match home-cooking… with workers working all hours and on low wages…
A more prosaic reason may be bulk cooking or … the attention just can’t reach what happens at home…
it always gets on my nerves when people go to Italy or France on a holiday and talk about the food when they come back… Eating out isn’t where it’s at in these places but eating at home… Ken Hom mentioned these two countries as places with a true food culture similar to the one he had had grown up with in his Chinese family…
A nod to Joe Strummer here… I’ve been told that every Indian family has its own family spices … that they carry around wherever they go to live… a kind of belt of spices…so evocative to think of Indian immigrants in Birmingham etc with their family’s spices in a strange country…
One more thing… feeling like Columbo now… I loved the Italian binman who told Jamie Oliver that he eats better than the queen of England!

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10. Phil - September 22, 2019

Ah, takeaways. When my sisters and I were clearing out my Mum’s house, we had a lot of meals from a nearby Goan Indian takeaway – first because it sounded interesting, then because it was good the first time… and then because it was a known quantity and we didn’t want to argue about food at the end of a stressful day.

I never want to taste Goan Indian food again.

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[…] IEL did songs about food only a short while ago, but given the posts coming up today thought one on vegetarianism (and veganism) might be good. Here’s a small sampling…starting with a bit of cheat. […]


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