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Popular books at the library… September 22, 2019

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Speaking of libraries, is this good or bad news from a while back?

Published over two decades ago, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone topped the list of the most borrowed library books in Ireland last year.
The second most popular book borrowed from public libraries was Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School, by author Jeff Kinney.
All of the top 20 most borrowed books in 2018 were children’s books, with several by JK Rowling, Roald Dahl, David Walliams, and Jeff Kinney making the list.

Good because children are obviously reading books – bad because… what are the stats, are adults reading fewer books?

Or is that just me being gloomy about matters?

Thought this is good.

Tom Enright, chair of the National Libraries development committee, said the amount of children’s literature among the list of most borrowed books was positive. “I am very encouraged to see so many children’s books and authors on the list,” he said.

“The Irish public library collection has over 12 million items available . . . completely free, and we are inviting everybody, young and old, to explore what’s on offer,” he said.



1. oliverbohs - September 22, 2019

Plenty adults fall out of the habit evidently. Perhaps that could be the subject of future campaigns. Worth pointing out too that the undertaking originally by FF to refurbish libraries was kept going by subsequent govts, at least in the Greater Dublin area(can’t speak for other areas). North Clondalkin should have a new library at the start of next year, and Coolock and Castletymon are being done up

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EWI - September 22, 2019

Worth pointing out too that the undertaking originally by FF to refurbish libraries was kept going by subsequent govts

Modified into reducing the numbers of librarians actually employed, via ‘refurbishments’ being used to enable staffless libraries.


2. Dearbhla - September 22, 2019

Could it be that libraries buy more copies of children’s books, in order to supply class sets etc., and so of course they feature higher on the lists because there are more opportunities to borrow those items?


WorldbyStorm - September 22, 2019

Yes, that would make sense! I didn’t think of it. You’re right – there’s often multiples of books, not just for class sets but due to demand in the children’s section of the library.


Joe - September 23, 2019

Not sure if that theory holds water. I think that if there is a demand, multiple copies would be bought – adult or children’s books.

But broadly, I’d agree with Oliverbohs sentiment. RoI govts have done a fairly decent job in keeping our public libraries open and more. Not perfect but still, not bad at all.


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