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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements September 22, 2019

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Who else could it be who offers us this this morning?

The public will not forgive Fine Gael if it plunges us into recession by refusing to back away from the backstop. But the same also applies to Fianna Fail.
Micheál Martin knows that Fianna Fail would be committing political suicide if it tried to make political capital out of a Michael Collins-type compromise that saved our country. That that is why he spent last week sending up positive signals about a deal and avoiding the word backstop.
Martin knows that a deal needs the assent of unionists, hence his careful coinage “a Northern Ireland- specific solution”. From now on, the bottom line is as follows. Politicians and pundits more interested in saving our economy than saving face will promote a compromise and talk civilly to the British and the DUP.

There’s also some very questionable figures on trade on this island North/South and so on that bears greater analysis and the old 81% of unionists figure crops up yet again, the distinction between an all-UK backstop as in the WA and a NI only backstop (the question asked in the survey) escaping our intrepid columnist yet again.

Guess who pours cold water on some of the nascent criticisms of proposals for a Stormont lock. Looking at Simon Coveney’s statement that ‘There’s certainly a concern at an EU level that a devolved institution in Northern Ireland could have a veto about how the single market operates or a border on the single market operates.’ they argue that:

Nobody has ever proposed that Stormont has a veto over anything – British government proposals admit its role would ultimately be consultative.
Nobody has proposed that Stormont has a say, let alone a veto, over the operation of the single market. It would only be consulted on the application of new single-market regulations within Northern Ireland, which would be a territory outside the EU.

Which would be very comforting except for one small yet salient fact. No one knows what the proposals are yet from the British in relation to this since all such ‘proposals’ are vague in the extreme as evidenced by the public commentary on the issue by representatives of their government or the ‘no-papers’ papers and the demands that nothing is shared with the EU27 governments. And it is not implausible that Coveney has a sense of at least some of the detail of such proposals, or as much as the British are willing to share at this juncture and is engaging with that or attempting to forestall aspects to the proposals that will be unworkable from the get go.

Meanwhile someone else has this to say about those who argue Brexit may exacerbate violence in the North.

A number of leading Irish politicians, and some British and European ones too, have fallen into the trap of suggesting that renewed violence in the North will be one of the inevitable consequences of Brexit. This is a dangerous and insidious claim which will be used as cover by those who have long pursued their objectives through violence and intimidation.
The activities of dissident republicans and Border gangs in recent years should have made it abundantly clear that they need no excuse for intimidation and murder. Politicians thoughtlessly forecasting a return to violence if there is a no-deal Brexit are playing into their hands.

But then what does Collins make of this and this and this and this and this and this and…


1. EWI - September 22, 2019

and talk civilly to the British and the DUP.

Certain former advisors to the UUP seemed not to have cared about unionist ‘civility’ back then, or now. It’s the British and Unionists who are at fault for the entire Brexit mess, and who seem incapable of good faith dealing.


WorldbyStorm - September 22, 2019

+1 And again, consider the remarkable civility displayed by Foster to the Kenny government’s forum on Brexit.


2. Paul Culloty - September 22, 2019

EH dismisses the 60% NI support for the backstop as “not a large majority” (fair to say a 20% margin is large in anyone’s language), but plays up the Ploughing survey on the same topic (mid-40% support for a compromise, and no details given as to what % were opposed)!

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WorldbyStorm - September 22, 2019

That column of his is very curious. He throws around stats knowing most people unlike ourselves aren’t going to parse them. It really does allow him ridiculous lee-way.


3. CL - September 22, 2019

Harris is engaged in propaganda promoting the notion that the potential economic disruption due to Brexit is caused by the backstop, whereas in reality the backstop is an attempt to ameliorate the political and economic damage to Ireland caused by the departure of the UK from the EU.

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WorldbyStorm - September 22, 2019

That’s a great way of putting that. I will steal that from you if you don’t mind.


WorldbyStorm - September 22, 2019

With attribution of course.


Alibaba - September 22, 2019

One word popped into my mind when I read the EH column: Wanker. It was so, so much better put by CL of course.


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