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This Weekend I’ll Mostly Be Listening to… Songs about UFOs from The Golden Horde, Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Bragg and many more… September 28, 2019

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Irish Left Online Document Archive.

Last Friday was meant to be ‘Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’ day (more in another post!) – and it got me thinking, in part because I’m rereading Ken MacLeod’s Engines of Light trilogy (more in another post!) and UFOs figure in that, that the UFO in whatever guise has been a staple of popular (and unpopular) music since the 1950s, or even earlier.

And no wonder – the rise of the very concept of the flying saucer only marginally predates the rise of rock’n’roll and associated musical forms.

British heavy rock/metal band UFO, who started out as a not bad space rock outfit (natch) cornered one part of the market with their very name. And sure, one has to cast the net a little wider – songs about Roswell, or Area 51, or whatever. Perhaps the word Alien will do. Men in black too? But it can’t be too wide. Spaceships per se, or science fiction are out. And a special word for dance and electronica that in the 1990s had a small cottage industry going based around samples from various worthies in the ufology field (as with the excellent Black Dog track below or the Optic Eye track which mixes film samples and audio from real people).

It’s not too difficult actually – Wiki has lists of ‘songs about close encounters with aliens’, most useful. Anyhow, here’s some favourites of mine – particularly the Golden Horde, Megadeth, M83, Husker Du and the Pixies (and Frank Black went on to delve deeply into the mythology on his solo albums) and a fair few others of varying quality! So many more, Bowie, The Stranglers and so on. All suggestions welcome.

My Flying Saucer – Billy Bragg and Wilco (lyrics by Arlo Guthrie from 1950 no less)

Little UFO – The Golden Horde

Two Little Men in a Flying Saucer – Ella Fitzgerald (1950s)

Books about UFO’s – Husker Du

Motorway to Roswell – The Pixies

Chase the Manhattan – Black Dog

Wobbling in Space – Optic Eye

Year One, One UFO – M83

Hanger 18 – Megadeth

Billy Lee Riley – Flyin’ Saucers Rock’n’Roll (Jerry Lee Lewis on piano) 1950s

Anthem of the Space – Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.


1. Lamentreat - September 28, 2019

Liking these thematic.ones 👍

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2. Joe Mooney - September 28, 2019

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3. Mick 2 - September 29, 2019


WorldbyStorm - September 30, 2019

Now that’s obscure 🙂


WorldbyStorm - September 30, 2019

And there’s a buffy link too. That’s interesting


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