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Ireland , Brexit and The Left pamphlet launch September 29, 2019

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Ireland, Brexit & the Left ..jpg
Ireland, Brexit & the Left .
This small Pamphlet is an attempt to look at the overall crisis of Europe, from a Marxist perspective and to interpret the various political and national crises within that framework. We believe that socialist groups have by and large remained committed to a failed perspective of reformist electoralism.

To preserve their socialist effectiveness they will have to adopt new perspectives and structures and we hope that this analysis will in some way help aid that process. We assert that, despite all the confusion and babble, the fundamental division in society is between capital and labour. Among all the chaos capitalism will be able to adapt some of the current strategies to ensure its own survival, at whatever cost to the working class.


1. Alibaba - September 29, 2019

It’s about time somebody covers this subject and I welcome that. Fortunately, I read this pamphlet and it does contain some shrewd observations. Having said that, it also contains some thoughts like this: ‘The capitalist system is creaking at the seams.’ I mean really?

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Dermot M O Connor - September 30, 2019

Isn’t it though? It may not seem like it to many at the moment, but beneath the surface lie all the internal contradictions (the Big One: a system that must grow at compound growth rates / exponential function on a finite planet).

I’ve come around to this from the dark green / resource depletion angle rather than Marxist / economic. But the debt crisis trundles on, and could erupt again at any moment. Or ten or twenty years from now. Deutsche bank, etc., and god knows what other tectonic plates are grinding against one another out of sight. The capitalist system will seem to be at its most powerful in the moments right before it cascades down on itself.

I suspect when this system goes, it’ll go as quickly as the USSR, but not as politely. No idea what will come next, but sad to day I’m not hopeful of a socialist utopia to come out of the ruins on day 2, especially given the dark arts of media manipulation (Trump, MSM, Cummings, etc), as well as the fractious nature of the left, which is now contaminated with the fecal smearing of identity politics / post-modernist bollocks.

Also expect the kind of resource doomer people I’ve been hanging out with will say “What the fuck took so long for TSTHTF, whereas the public will be standing around shell-shocked, gaping at empty shelves and trying to figure out their ration cards.

Anyway, FWIW, some links I follow semi-regularly, automatic earth came out of the old peak oil site theoildrum (they took a much tighter focus on economics as the first symptom of the resource crisis); ourfiniteworld is Gail Tverberg’s site (another oildrum oldie), and cassandra is run by Ugo Bardi, very clever Italian prof:






2. Daniel Rayner O'Connor - September 29, 2019

Come up and see us, Ali, on the 19th.


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - September 29, 2019

Correction: the 18th.


3. Conor Kostick - September 29, 2019

Does it take a remain or leave position?


Alibaba - September 30, 2019

Suffice to say the pamphlet’s author, John McAnulty, calls “For a United Socialist States of Europe!”


Conor Kostick - September 30, 2019

Well, that’s possible with a remain or a leave position. I found it difficult, teaching in Nottingham at the time, to decide on my approach. Traditionally, I would be for voting no to the EU, who brought us Lisbon, water charges, etc. But I found the overwhelming dynamic in the UK to be about racism and especially after the murder of Jo Cox, so I went with remain and believe that to be right. For me, it’s not about which block of capitalism you think the UK should align with, EU or US/Far East (choose neither), it’s still about immigration. Here in Ireland, too, it’s much more logical to oppose the return of a hard border from a remain position than a leave one, something which SF have been gleefully pointing out to PBP.


4. Joe - September 30, 2019

Why put yer man as the poster boy on the cover of the pamphlet? Surely it would have been better to put up something that chimed with that great slogan “For a United Socialist States of Europe!”

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5. Daniel Rayner O'Connor - September 30, 2019

Good point, Joe, but, as I understand it, the portrayal is like that of Christopher Lee or Bela Lugosi advertising a Dracula film.
To your q. Conor, we are for remain. Even here, it was clear from the Brit MSM headlines that racism would play a decisive role in any leave victory.
Come along everyone on the 18th (Got it right, this time)

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6. CL - September 30, 2019

“The rise of Brexit was a big stimulus for the European right, but the chaos that has followed has proved a check on their growth. Various exit projects in the various European countries have now been abandoned in favour of moving the entire European structure to the right…..
The overall strategy is to focus on migration and security issues. They believe that if they do not win power outright they can pressure the major parties into adopting many of their policies. History suggests they are right…
The big danger now is that the capitalists will conciliate the right and
make them stronger. They have already moved far to the right in their treatment of migrants and towards building a stronger and more repressive state…
Farage fulfils the same role as his European allies, unable to win power but able to shift a disintegrating Tory party even further to the right….
Irish capitalism has established a national consensus that subordination of the economy to transnational investment and the development of the country as a tax haven are essential for survival. The consensus is reinforced by partnership arrangements between capital and the trade union leadership and by the political and economic structures fostered by Europe and the Good Friday settlement….
In the 26 Counties state Sinn Fein made the Tony Blair mistake: assuming that they will always retain a working class vote in the inner cities and moving further and further to the right to convince the middle class and the capitalist parties that they would be a safe pair of hands in coalition government….
The working-class is rarely mentioned. The Irish left share the same assessment as the European left. Irish workers are no longer an active force and can be dismissed or, at the very least, they can be surrendered to the trade union leadership who march them up various hills in order to march them down again. For a decade the
socialist groups have been immersed in identity politics and in the theory and practice of the popular front, where class politics are subordinated to a single issue.They are unable to even define what the left is. At various times it includes the Labour party, the Greens, and Sinn Fein. The real activity is a frantic search for more votes and more seats to build the profile of their organisation and the funds available from the public purse….
The continuing catastrophe since the 2008 financial collapse; chaos in the USA, decay in Europe and the braying reaction of Brexit in Britain – all indicate that the political system of capitalist rule is fragmenting.”-John McAnulty.

Click to access Ireland,%20Brexit%20Left.pdf

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7. CL - September 30, 2019

Incidentally, Ed Moloney’s book on the IRA is not called ‘The Secret Army’, as McAnulty’s pamphlet has it, but ‘A Secret History of the IRA’.


Joe - September 30, 2019

Yes. The Secret Army or IRA – The Secret Army was by J. Bowyer Bell, I think.

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