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We know! Those British ‘pressure points’ on the ROI re a no-deal Brexit October 9, 2019

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As ASF notes here, an odd day yesterday with the UK at a political level threatening the ROI (and other EU states).

The IT pointed to how…

A report in Monday’s edition of the London Times claims Michael Gove’s Brexit Operations Committee has compiled a list of pressure points that could be imposed on Ireland in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Here’s some of those pressure points:

Among the warnings will be a reminder that two-thirds of Ireland’s medical supplies come through the UK, while customs checks will cause heavy delays in key areas where freight runs to and from Ireland.
The document, seen by The Sunday Times, will also warn of the loss of fishing rights off the coast of Northern Ireland and a disruption to “equine transport” between Ireland and the UK.

Er… none of this is exactly news. All of those pressure points are well known on this side of the Irish Sea. That’s why from the off the ROI and EU were averse to a no-deal Brexit.

Which is simply bizarre and suggests that only now, three years in are some in the UK government actually engaging with the reality of Brexit.

It is the UK which has moved towards a no-deal, almost from the off, cutting down the space which it would engage with the EU – ruling out single market and customs union membership under May with her much vaunted ‘red lines’. A bit late in the day for them to suddenly start waving the very points the EU and ROI have warned them about as a means of ‘pressurising’ Ireland (though note no direct reference in the quotes to the NI/ROI border – I guess a ‘pressure point’ around that in the context of the GFA/BA might be a step too far, at this point, though with this crew it will likely come sooner or later).

And I have to feel for Coveney when I read that the UK is apparently attempting to offer ‘financial sweeteners’ to the Johnson proposals.

Financial “sweeteners” which could be offered to Dublin to pay for extra costs and infrastructure involved in carrying out customs checks between Ireland and the North in the event of a no-deal Brexit are of no interest to the Government with Tánaiste Simon Coveney insisting that the issue is “not about money.”
Speaking at the opening of a new Enable Ireland centre in Cork the Tánaiste emphasised that the aim of the Government was to preserve normalcy in the North.

This is not about money and if people still think it is then they are really not plugged in to the Irish mindset or to the history of this island. This is not about money or sweeteners or being paid off or anything like that.
“We are trying to ensure that there is no prospect of the imposition of future border infrastructure in this island between North and South because of the corrosive impact on relationships and politics that that would have by fundamentally disrupting the all island economy which in many ways has been the re-inforcer of peace and normality on this island for the last 21 years.”

Whatever else Brexit has been a fascinating education for some, I suspect, in regard to how this island is viewed from the other island to the east. Patronising doesn’t come close to describing it.


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