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“They won’t get a better opportunity than this.” October 10, 2019

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Interesting thought expressed at the end of a colour piece by Miriam Lord on the Budget in the IT. She quoted an unnamed FF backbencher who said:

“I reckon Leo will pull the plug in November and go to the country,” said a Fianna Fáil backbencher.
“They won’t get a better opportunity than this.”

That analysis has some currency at the moment, I’ve heard it from a number of people involved at the coalface of Irish politics this last week. I wonder how much weight it has though. Pull the plug in November and we’re talking about a pre-Christmas December election. Not a great time for one I’d have thought. And how would the electorate feel about same if there’s an alternative – ie the government carrying on as is?

Lord notes that Paschal Donohoe made great play of the fact that this government has now passed four budgets – which in fairness is no small achievement given at the outset some didn’t expect it to last four weeks.

But I had the miserable experience of listening to the event in the afternoon and in truth it was no fun to hear FF’s Barry Cowen make political jokes of so-so quality. FF’s quandary was that they weren’t sure how to play it. Complain about a budget they had signed off on? Small wonder Cowen wandered off into unfunny territory about SF and the further left. Labour’s responses were muted. Sinn Fein’s a fair bit better. But in a way given the broader dynamics it was a day overshadowed by Brexit – and used as such as Lord notes, by a government that is not entirely unhappy at the cover Brexit offers to not engage with a raft of policy areas that need serious attention, and actual investment in.

Yeah, Brexit. Eating up political bandwidth, opening a door for racism and xenophobia, providing excuses for the right to push through disaster capitalism, or as seen in the above a conservative budget and may well wind up closing the border. The non-gift that just keeps taking.


1. oliverbohs - October 10, 2019

Dead right. Never waste the opportunity a crisis offers etc.
If there wasn’t Brexit tho, the increased national debt resulting from across the board bank bailouts would be the excuse for austerity-lite policies, in perpetuity 🙁

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2. 1729torus - October 10, 2019

FG assumed they could do what they wanted, but FF and the Greens have been rehabilitated enough since May so that FG are under pressure as if out of nowhere.

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