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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… October 13, 2019

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There can only be one (or two!) starting with this:

The one silver lining from Brexit is that it gave Paschal Donohoe the opportunity to bring in a sensible budget. It provided the Minister for Finance with a cast-iron excuse to resist the chorus of demands for extra spending from every vested interest group in the country, political opponents and, most crucially of all, his own Cabinet colleagues

EH’s piece is full of self-vindication, although precious little evidence for that given what is actually happening, and drags in his usual incorrect stat:

I fear the bad faith of this Irish Government in its dealings with the majority of Northern Protestants, some 81pc of whom, no matter what their other differences, reject the backstop.

That 81% refers, of course, to an NI backstop, which was not what the May plan envisioned (instead having a UK wide backstop). But here’s the conundrum for EH – for all the talk about ‘bad faith’ it is the British, not Irish government, that would appear to be moving towards keeping just NI in some form of customs union. That’s the shape of the deal. And in any event it is the DUP itself which continues to dissent from any agreement.

Any other contradictions, comments, etc, gratefully accepted.


1. EWI - October 13, 2019

Thread about the Sunday Times, which is and always has been a sewer for British state propaganda, claiming future loyalist violence (Oirish edition) and republican violence (British edition):

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WorldbyStorm - October 13, 2019

Excellent. I love the way the Guardian has finally (finally after how many years?) woken up to the differences between Irish and UK ‘editions’ of these papers. Long past time.


2. CL - October 13, 2019

“Mr Johnson’s proposal to solve the Irish border question is not dissimilar to the previous idea of a “customs partnership” that was criticised by Mr Rees-Mogg at the time as “cretinous” and “a betrayal of good sense”.
On Sunday Mr Rees-Mogg conceded he could have to “eat my own words”, quoting the Winston Churchill aphorism that eating one’s own words could be a “nourishing diet”.

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WorldbyStorm - October 13, 2019

Has anyone told the DUP?


3. Saints and Scholars - October 14, 2019

I just wonder about the Sindo calculus. Hard to imagine they would lose more readers than they might gain by putting Harris out to grass and replacing him with just about anybody. Hard to believe that he gets paid for this stuff.


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