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Election fever! For the media, at least… October 15, 2019

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The IT is really pushing the idea of a pre-Christmas election. The IT believes that there are:

…forceful views across all political parties that an election before Christmas is now a real likelihood.

This based on some public representatives in FF, FG and the LP that they’ve spoken to.

But that still leaves the issue of a November/December election. Mid November at the earliest given the Brexit deadline of 31st October. Probably a little later in order that the initial outcomes came clear on Brexit.

And all this predicated on a successful ‘deal’ of some form or another. Or is it. Would a single poll, today’s IT/MRBI one, be enough for FG to take a gamble?


1. Tomboktu - October 15, 2019

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2. An Sionnach Fionn - October 15, 2019

A general election in the wake of a no-deal or even a full-deal Brexit would be a pretty dodgy proposition considering the political and economic turmoil that would still hit the UK no matter how good the deal with the EU and the spill over of that into Ireland.


irishelectionliterature - October 15, 2019

Related to that , Post Brexit I’m pretty sure the Government here could blame various issues on Brexit rather than their own inadequacies.


3. Dermot M O Connor - October 16, 2019

If the tenuous trend lines in the poll of polls from June (in which FG is slowly moving up from its floor and FF leveling) are in any way accurate, FG has no incentive for a 2019 GE.


Also, Varadkar would no doubt want to wait 3 months min to beat John Bruton’s ‘record’, and May 2020 would see him surpass Reynolds and Cowen’s farcical tenures:


I read that part of May’s desperation to hang on was to beat Gordon Brown’s miserable term in office (Woohoo I’m only the second shortest). Definitely a thing for careerists. I don’t think pols want to end up as a trivia question (“Who was the shortest serving Prime Minister / etc).


WorldbyStorm - October 16, 2019

I’d never thought of it that way. Varadkar could outstay Bruton. Wow.


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