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Peace in Our Time – part the second? October 16, 2019

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Something is going on… that’s for sure. Not least evidenced by the not entirely happy looking DUP and in Tony Connolly’s piece on RTÉ they don’t even get a mention. Not that the border doesn’t continue to (rightly) be the main area of negotiation.

The European Commission has pushed for the UK to move back to the original Northern Ireland-only backstop, meaning Northern Ireland staying in the EU’s customs union and single market, while London has insisted on a dual customs arrangement, with Northern Ireland staying in the UK’s customs territory, but operating under EU customs and tariff rules.

Bridging that gap has been the main task, but the issue of consent and VAT are also proving to be challenging.


1. EWI - October 16, 2019

The recent appearance of ‘dual consent’ (as a counter to the DUP’s assertion of a unionist veto) was a clever bit of legwork, I thought, and may have neutered them.


WorldbyStorm - October 16, 2019

They never seem to get that their formulations work both ways ie if the claim to speak for the North so can others etc I wonder are they so locked into a communalist mindset they can’t quite see that?


2. tafkaGW - October 16, 2019

I speculated some time ago about whether Johnson would stab the DUP in the back. It may be happening.

Whether the knife-work will be enough to get a deal through the British parliament, the European parliament, and the EU member states is an entirely other question. As usual the Brit press assume that their ruling class are the only participants that matter.

You could reasonably expect a BJ government to weasel its way out of any agreement so the EU will want to nail it down legally. Whether international law would matter to a Tory/Brexiteer future government is another matter as well.

Any deal negotiated by BJ will be a form of hard Brexit, much harder than any argued for in the last referendum, damaging to the working class living in Ireland, Britain and the rest of the EU. As such one would hope any deal would be put to a further referendum.

Whatever happens, the republic can’t continue to put the issue of the non-government in the north on the long finger.


FergusD - October 16, 2019

Craig Murray has reported that the FCO legal types have been asked by the govt to look at the legal position of claiming force majeur to ditch any agreed backstop, if loyalists were to threat or actually carry out violence against the backstop in some way. So that may be the plan.


3. tafkaGW - October 16, 2019

Anyhow, we’ve seen all this before, in exhausting detail, in the never-ending purgatory of repetition that is Brexshit.


WorldbyStorm - October 16, 2019

Though as you say it looks like the DUP is in trouble this time – v interesting non response to Sammy Wilson and in truth it is kind of unpleasant to see him and the DUP hide behind the GFA when Brexit has in itself ridden roughshod through it

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