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A process not an event. October 18, 2019

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Good piece here in the IT about how Brexit will run and run even after its supposedly ‘done’. It’s not just that the relationship between the UK and EU (and the UK and the ROI) will be contingent on numerous aspects of the new dispensation that replaces UK EU membership, but that the self-inflicted wounds of the referendum and after on the British polity are simply too great to dissipate subsequent to the UK ‘leaving’ the EU. In a way that is what is most remarkable about the narrative that Brexiters have constructed, that this is an event with an end date. But that’s a logical impossibility. No one would argue that the relationship between, say, the EU and US is fixed. Anything but, in a world of Trump – and long before him too. So why is there this gross simplification of something that is so all-encompassing that it has, quite literally, ground down the ability of the government of the UK as a state to function in some key areas due to it taking up so much time and energy.

That these inconvenient realities are ignored for the most part by those most energetically in favour of Brexit tells its own tale.


1. Joe - October 18, 2019

And more locally. I wonder will the Stormont administration ever get up and running again?
Relationships on this island and within the six counties also don’t have an end date. Will be interesting to see how things pan out in the next six, nine, twelve months after all this Brexit shenanigan.
General elections in the RoI and UK (including NI!).
FF or FG majority?
How will the DUP do?
Will the nationalist total vote edge closer to or even surpass the unionist total?
Great times to be alive. Hoping everyone stays alive.


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