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Monumental hypocrisy… October 18, 2019

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Reading the DUP’s cri de cœur as regards the latest Brexit deal due to the deal supposedly ‘driving coach and horses’ through the GFA/BA is entertaining and irritating beyond belief. This is the same GFA/BA that the DUP opposed and whose elements it has been by any rational reading deeply unwilling to work.

Indeed there’s an hint of that last dynamic in their statement when it says:

These arrangements will become the settled position in these areas for Northern Ireland. This drives a coach and horses through the professed sanctity of the Belfast agreement.
For all of these reasons it is our view that these arrangements would not be in Northern Ireland’s long-term interests. Saturday’s vote in parliament on the proposals will only be the start of a long process to get any withdrawal agreement bill through the House of Commons.

‘Professed’ eh?

But then for all the wailing and gnashing of teeth as the Guardian notes:

..the DUP [had already] accepted that regulatory alignment with the EU on goods and agrifood will help keep the Irish border open and maintain peace.

One of the most depressing aspects of this is that the DUP fails to face up to the fact that the UK is not a contiguous whole but rather, as noted elsewhere, a patchwork with profound differences between the constituent elements. Which is why their hypocrisy in fixing on a deal where they will be within overlapping customs areas is most profound given they are already within a jurisdiction where there is overlapping sovereignty between the Assembly and the Dáil and where they themselves have proposed (unshamefacedly) to have a different corporate tax regime to the rest of the UK.

Are they seriously proposing that the customs area plan is qualitatively more of a distinction than that previously mentioned shared sovereignty as outlined in the GFA/BA?

By the way, it will be no doubt entertaining to see the contortions from some columnists this Sunday in relation to the events of the week.


1. Roger Cole - October 18, 2019

The British Imperial State which up to a few days ago was insisting on two borders in Ireland has taken a major hit, and and has been forced to agree on putting the border with the EU in the Irish Sea. This has been a great victory for the Irish people against an imperial power that has spent generation after generation trying to crush the Irish people into submission.
The other reality is that Brexit was driven by English Nationalism rather that British Nationalism as both the clear majority of the the Irish people in NI and the Scottish people in Scotland opposed Brexit. Opposition to the occupation of NI by the British Imperial State has normally come from left anti-imperial forces. However what has now emerged is an right wing political force in England that regard NI as a millstone around their necks, and wonder why England is sending more money to NI that it does to the EU. With a bit of pressure and cooperation it is more than possible that one of the consequences of Brexit will be the break up of the British Imperial state and its replacement by a Scottish State, and Irish State and an English State ( and maybe a Welsh state). If it does happen, then it will be great for the English, Scottish, Irish and Welsh people.

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2. tafkaGW - October 18, 2019

Not just monumental hypocrisy, but an extraordinary lack of political nous and cute-hoorism.

At the beginning of all this nonsense I thought what an opportunity an, ahem, ambiguous, status for NI could be to all the smugglers, VAT-scammers, regulatory arbitragists, and importers of dodgy goods into the EU.

But I’m sure the DUP would never have anything to do with such entrepreneurial activity. 😉

Good to see their political competition are moving in on them.


3. irishelectionliterature - October 18, 2019

The DUP were anti EU from their inception, it being everything from a Papist plot to reducing National Sovereignty. There was no way they couldn’t back Brexit as it was against the EU. They didn’t actually think about what it might mean and o be honest I’d imagine elements within the DUP were looking forward to a hard border.
I presume too that they thought it would lose.
The gas thing is that the May deal was better for them than this one as there was less divergence from ‘the mainland’ .
Hard to know if it will impact them electorally ,I think it will with some voters. The idea that they were prepared to wreck elements of the Northern economy to keep to their ideals won’t have sat well with some.


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