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‘Not of Christian origin’ October 19, 2019

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Thought we might have moved past this, but apparently not.

A Catholic bishop has written to schools to warn them against the use of yoga during class time and said that it is “not of Christian origin”.

A spokesman for Bishop Alphonsus Cullinan, of the Waterford and Lismore diocese, confirmed that primary schools in the diocese under the patronage of the Catholic Church had received the letter, which also asked teachers to pray the rosary with their pupils.

Bad enough that that sounds like it’s the 1930s, but it would appear that the Middle Ages is calling and wants its Bishop back:

Last year, Bishop Cullinan said that he is establishing a “delivery ministry” of exorcists to deal with evil spirits and also warned people against the use of Reiki and new age healing because they could be channeling “the wrong spirit”.

I’m no fan of Reiki or woo in general but from a very different perspective than ‘wrong spirits’.

As it happens I’m on the BOM of a local N.S. which has… gasp… mindfulness and other stuff, ‘not of Christian origin’. I’m no great fan of mindfulness either, but at least there’s half an argument for it. Curiously, or not, this ‘lack of Christian origina’ hasn’t troubled the nominally RC N.S. in the slightest or the local clergy who are represented on the Board. And why should it?

Though it does Bishop Cullinan.

“Regarding mindfulness, in a sense it has been practised in the Christian tradition since the beginning, but Christian mindfulness is not mindlessness, but is meditation based on Christ, emptying the mind of everything unnecessary so that we become aware of the presence and love of Christ.”


1. alanmyler - October 19, 2019

It’s genuinely hilarious to read this. The RCC really has lost the plot in general. It seems it’s struggling hard against realising the game is up. Our young one does mindfulness the odd time in school, a convent secondary in Navan, where the last of the mins retired from running the tuck shop a couple of years ago. The girls were sad to see the shop close, but otherwise not in the least concerned. Empires eventually disappear with a fizzle, one tuck shop at a time. As it happens, the young one doesn’t much like mindfulness, as it has the opposite effect on her than intended, so it’s not really for everyone. No more than reflecting on Christ is.


alanmyler - October 19, 2019

Mins above should read nuns. Blame the auto spell on the phone.

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2. WorldbyStorm - October 19, 2019

Their own worst enemies the RCC.

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3. kestrel - October 19, 2019

yet, the flourishing of great art in Europe, Rembrandt, Rubens, VerMeer, are all of the Christian era. And the defenestration and the then, some concord, (again involving Christianity); may have led to Europe of the present.
Cullinan seems on the right track to me.
(though, of course, the RCC in this country was, so, automaton in administration).


Daniel Rayner O'Connor - October 19, 2019

Whatever about Christianity as an whole, I don’t think Rembrandt or Vermeer were Papists.
And what has the Concorde to do with religion?


Liberius - October 20, 2019

Considering that portraiture was a large component of the work of the “masters” it’s also fairly dubious to be asserting Christianity as being their influence. The Night watch isn’t religious, neither is the girl with the pearl earring, and most others.


4. Starkadder - October 19, 2019

My uncle is a very strict Roman Catholic. A few years ago one of his friends suggest he try Reiki to treat his back pains.

My uncle reacted as if she’d suggested using Crowleyean Sex Magick.

He said he was going straight to the nearest RC Church to “pray for her soul”.


5. roddy - October 20, 2019

As an a la carte Catholic,as far as I know many Catholic feast days are “not of Christian origin” but are “pagan” festivals adapted to Christianity.

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6. CL - October 20, 2019

Bishops don’t need yoga; they’re already bent outa shape.


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