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“Voices of 1968 around the world: a reading”: next Tuesday 22nd @ 12, Maynooth. October 19, 2019

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Mentioned in comments during the week.

“Voices of 1968 around the world: a reading”: next Tuesday 22nd @ 12, Maynooth.

The radical movements of the “long 1968” shook the postwar order from Prague to Paris, Derry to Mexico City, Rome to San Francisco. “Voices of 1968” (Pluto) lets those movements speak in their own words – posters, flyers, graffiti, manifestos, songs, underground texts and more.

More about the book at https://www.plutobooks.com/9780745338088/voices-of-1968/

Co-editor Dr Laurence Cox will be reading from some of the texts in the book with a slideshow in the background – revolutions produce some cracking writers, speakers and graphic artists!

Iontas seminar room (2.31, top floor), Maynooth University (north end, beside the “water feature”).


1. Chris Beausang - October 19, 2019

Reblogged this on Chris Beausang.


2. Chris Beausang - October 19, 2019

hey, i usually wouldn’t ask so blatantly the comments section but just since you’re advertising an event at maynooth (and I couldn’t find a working email on this site), maybe you or some of the people who read this blog would be interested in this event? (i.e. frequent jacobin/NLR contributor talking about the troubles)


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WorldbyStorm - October 19, 2019

No problem, I’ll add that as a post.

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Chris Beausang - November 1, 2019

thanks so much for this, i’ve gotten a few social media shares on foot of this so i really appreciate it. this is the last time i’ll ask for such a blatant favour but me and a few others out of Maynooth happen to run a marxist reading group that meets monthly in dublin city centre, we’re working our way through capital vols i – iii + grundrisse: would you be able or willing to put up a notice? it’s a difficult thing to get the word out about (it got deleted from boards for example) and i imagine i’d pick up more fellow travellers here anyway! contact Chris at cbeausan@tcd.ie if you’re interested in getting on the mailing list, and i completely understand if you’re not comfortable in putting stuff up for every commenter who asks. cheers!


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