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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… October 20, 2019

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It’s almost quite literally all about him…

But I was badly wrong about the only prediction that really matters to me: that Boris Johnson would not betray the unionists.

I’ve been pondering that for the past two days, trying to pin down my own elusive emotions, and have reached two conclusions.

Basically, my desperate desire not to have Northern unionists isolated overcame my distrust of every modern British prime minister, beginning with Harold Wilson, who wanted to pull British troops out even if it ended in civil war in Northern Ireland.

Mostly my stance was dictated by disgust at the tribal antics of the Green Hibernian gang who echoed ancient tribal tropes by repeatedly telling us the unionists were money-grabbers who would ultimately sell out for gold.

From the IT:

For all his buffoonery Johnson has demonstrated real political skill in recent days. His decision to ditch the DUP has vague echoes of the way Charles de Gaulle came to power in France, pledging to protect the million or more white Algerian settlers only to abandon them once he was securely installed. As usual in the Brexit saga it is impossible to know what will happen next but it would be helpful if everybody, particularly the DUP, came to realise that political compromise is a virtue rather than a vice.

Does it? Does it really?

Meanwhile who could disagree with this call for a discourse beyond labels? Except, except…

Sometimes, anti-Catholic sentiment is quite overt, for example an offhand remark about Catholic “extremists”, an underhand jibe about abusive priests, or a diatribe against the Church and its simplistic, outdated beliefs. Other times, it is more subtle, eg a comment that takes for granted that no right-minded person could possibly be critical of same-sex marriage, abortion or progressive sex education.

Applying simplistic labels to our adversaries, just because we find their opinions disagreeable, tends to shut down rational debate, induce lazy conformism, and needlessly alienate large bodies of citizens from the political process.
This is exactly what happens when self-styled liberals and “progressives” label anyone who agrees with the social and moral teachings of the Catholic Church as simpletons, intolerant bigots or religious fanatics. Far from advancing the cause of social progress, they inhibit rational debate by dismissing dissenting perspectives with ad hominem judgments.


1. Phil - October 21, 2019

It’s OK, those are *self-styled* liberals and progressives he’s taking aim at – people who label themselves as liberal or progressive. He just really, really hates labels, so much so that he also hates those people who apply labels to themselves, the f.in’ idiots…

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2. Daniel Rayner O'Connor - October 21, 2019

Face it;EH’ politics have always been about himself, whether as right wing populist (the polite term), republican, self-styled ‘Marxist’, social democrat, or neoliberal Unionist.


WorldbyStorm - October 21, 2019



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