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Double voting October 21, 2019

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As noted by Tomboktu, EWI and IEL in comments, the growing… ahem… controversy… over FF TDs voting for others in the Dáil chamber appears to be spreading. Who else might have ‘inadvertently’ found themselves in the same boat?


1. Tomboktu - October 21, 2019

I like Gene Kerrigan’s consent


2. irishelectionliterature - October 21, 2019

Once another party gets caught doing it, and undoubtedly they will, then the story is probably over. That said will be interesting to see what the Ceann Comhairle will come up with in his report. Can he impose sanctions on TD’s?
Is there anything illegal over what they did, there doesn’t appear to be.


Tomboktu - October 21, 2019

Dooley’s vote appears to be unconstitutional. He left the chamber, and the video suggests he asked for his button to be pressed by Collins.


Dermot M O Connor - October 21, 2019

Can’t be legal. It would negate the whole point of shadowing. (“Shure I’ll be at a funeral in Shligo can ye push me button for de vote Podge”) would rule the day.

IIRC This is the party that, under Haughey, suspended shadowing when Dick Spring had been seriously hurt in his car accident. Spring had himself carried into the Dail on a stretcher in agony to vote.

FF out of power 8 years, not nearly enough to purge them of this shite. Nice reminder of what they get up to when they think nobody is watching.

That said, it would be funny watching FFeckers running all over the Dail slapping red, green and blue buttons as though they’re in a giant sized version of ‘SIMON’.

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WorldbyStorm - October 21, 2019

It’s an amazing own goal. there’s MM working away trying to get people to forget about this sort of stuff and kind of succeeding even if clearly unable to get them back to their former heights. And then in the space of a weekend this happens! And at the very time they might be looking towards an election.

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Dermot M O Connor - October 21, 2019

And the bye elections on the way! haha!


WorldbyStorm - October 21, 2019

Yeah, I wonder if they’ll take a hit due to this.


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