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Independent Left on Brexit October 21, 2019

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From the always interesting Independent Left group, an analysis of Brexit from a left perspective which can be read here.

Given the EU had bullied Ireland into taking on the debts of their banks after the crash of 2009 and then tried to insist on us having water charges to pay for these massive debts, it’s no wonder that the Socialist Party, People Before Profit and many others on the left assumed that being in favour of Brexit was the natural continuation of an approach that – rightly – characterises the EU as being dominated by big business.

They were mistaken and deeply so.


1. tafkaGW - October 21, 2019

Fine article.

Never heard of Independent Left before.

Just one thing: it wasn’t just ‘the EU’ (or more accurately elements within the Eurozone power complexes), that were bullying the Irish government, but also influential local capitalist elites were twisting arms to ensure that their political puppets minimised the losses to said local capitalists. These local Irish elites were also complicit in creating the conditions for the local manifestations of the crisis. And continue to be responsible for a super-exploitative housing sector.

Letting them off by blaming ‘the EU’ is just playing the national neolibs game of ‘the EU made us do it, honest!’.

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irishelectionliterature - October 21, 2019

Independent Left are a split from PBP that stood two candidates in the Local Elections, Cllr John Lyons and Niamh McDonald. John Lyons held his seat.

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