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Irish Left Archive: Reclaim the Republic – Éirígí, 2006 October 21, 2019

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Many thanks to Alan Kinsella of IEL for this, a document from 2006 which engages with the 1916 Proclamation and asks:

So in 2006, do we the people have ownership of Ireland?
Has Britain withdrawn from our country?
Are all the children of the nation cherished equally, or do those with money and power get preferential treatment?
What is the unfinished business to be completed before the Republic envisioned in the Proclamation can be established?

It encourages citizens to display it ‘with Pride’ and that it should be hang in ‘every home, workplace and school in the country’. And it notes that Éirígí are distributing poster sized copies.

The leaflet also notes that:

éirígí is a Dublin based Socialist Republican campaigns group. We believe that a genuine all Ireland Republic can only be brought about by implementing the political programme set out in the 1916 Proclamation. This requires an end to the British occupation of part of our national territory and the creation of a society based on the fundamental principles of liberty, justice and equality for all citizens.

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