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Stuck in a trap October 22, 2019

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Newton Emerson’s latest article was pretty good and it noted one major curiosity about the current situation. That is the absolute lack of effort by the DUP to prepare their political base for the reality of negotiation and what that would entail. Or indeed, this side of the weekend, their own failure to prepare for potential jettisoning by the British government.

In fact he goes further. He compares them unfavourably to Sinn Féin across the years, pointing to that party’s ability to engage with and bring its support base with it (though to be honest I think that that was very much a two way dynamic with the support base more than willing for engagement and compromise). Noting the meetings last week between loyalists and the DUP he writes:

The DUP would deny loyalist paramilitaries are part of its base. It prefers to have an arm’s-length relationship with them and its approach to the broader unionist community is little better. Most DUP representatives are diligent glad-handers and constituency workers but the party has no equivalent of Sinn Féin’s constant campaigns and rounds of town hall meetings, where supporters are briefed on policy and strategy and invited to feel part of a movement.


There is a strange disconnection between the DUP and the unionist electorate that has only widened as its vote has grown. Religious, conservative and oddly classless, it is unlike huge swathes of the people it represents and seems disinterested in closing the gap. Internally, the DUP is a tiny black box of backroom operatives, as revealed by the Renewable Heat Incentive scandal. Elected representatives are kept on a tight leash and the membership, numbering about 1,000, is powerless and generally ignored.

This has been ever more evident in the progress of the negotiations. The DUP is so centralised, so out of touch, so unable and seemingly unwilling to engage with its own, let alone others, that small wonder the neat little configuration of it seeing itself as Northern Ireland and all within it has developed. To be honest it sounds more like a cult than a functioning political party.

And where by the way is supposed ‘moderate’ Jeffrey Donaldson in all this?


1. roddy - October 22, 2019

Yes they are like Elvis’ mouse – caught in a trap!


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