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Peace in Our Time: Today’s the Day! Perhaps. October 22, 2019

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As the Guardian notes:

Boris Johnson will make a final bid on Tuesday to force Brexit through by the 31 October “do or die” deadline, amid growing signs he will make a renewed push for a general election whether his deal passes or not.

It is now 1215 days since the Brexit referendum.


1. CL - October 22, 2019

“Financial Times analysis of MPs’ positions suggests Mr Johnson could scrape home by 320 to 315 when the Commons votes on the “in principle” second reading of the bill — the first time MPs would have backed any Brexit deal.
Confidence was also growing in Number 10 that Mr Johnson could head off attempts by opposition MPs to attach a second “confirmatory” referendum to a Brexit deal and a separate amendment to keep Britain in a customs union with the EU…

Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of the Commons, said he wanted the bill to complete all its stages in the lower house by Thursday — with two sittings until midnight — before going to the House of Lords, which will sit at the weekend….
But Mr Johnson’s plan faces a number of big hurdles, firstly securing the bill’s second reading. Although 28 hardline Tory Eurosceptics who opposed Mrs May’s deal in March are expected to back the new deal, the vote is still on a knife edge.
A big battle will then ensue over the “timetable motion” proposed by Mr Rees-Mogg to rush the legislation through the Commons. Labour, the Liberal Democrats and other opposition parties oppose the frenetic schedule.”


2. tafkaGW - October 22, 2019

Good discussion of issues including Ireland here and the BLPs genuine efforts to prevent this hard bshit deal.


3. CL - October 22, 2019

329 to 299, Johnson wins. First pro-Brexit vote in HoC


4. CL - October 22, 2019

Vote on programme motion defeated 322 to 308,-a setback for Johnson

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CL - October 22, 2019

Johnson pulls the legislation. What happens next unclear.


WorldbyStorm - October 22, 2019

This is bizarre though a lot of commentators saying the fact he got the first pro-Brexit vote past is a win of sorts.


Jim Monaghan - October 22, 2019

Indeed a technical extension might probably get his deal through. I wonder where is the famous British/English pragmatism.

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CL - October 22, 2019

Its more correct to say the legislation has been ‘paused’ rather than ‘pulled’, in limbo as Bercow put it.
Presumably, with the EU agreeing to an extension, its excruciating progress through parliament can be resumed, with the possibility of various amendments making its final ratification uncertain.

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WorldbyStorm - October 22, 2019

Yeah, it’s going to be messy, no doubt about it.


5. tafkaGW - October 23, 2019

Some 19 Labour MPs voted for a deal, which they probably hadn’t read fully, but which wipes out much of the UK’s worker’s rights, environmental protections and consumer rights. Because, like many other countries in the EU, many of these rights are based on EU law. Should the deal be made law, it will pave the way for another round of hyper-deregulation, with the accompanying repression. Destination Chilé.

These MPs should be deselected and kicked out of the BLP.

But, contrary to what the British Tory press (with their usual Lexiteer allies) would have you believe, a hard Brexit is far from a done deal.

There is still room for a general election, where the BLP will presumably run on the basis of a referendum on some deal with the option to remain.

Should the Tories with or without the Brexit party not get a majority, a further referendum will be part of a coalition agreement.


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