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John McAnulty a long-time Trotskyist activist October 24, 2019

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Thanks to The Irish Republican Marxist History Project for this
John McAnulty is a long-time Trotskyist activist and the founder member of Socialist Democracy Ireland. He became an integral part of the Irish revolution when he became a member of People’s Democracy in 1968. In 1981 John was elected as a Anti H-Block, People’s Democracy candidate for Belfast City Council.


1. Jim Monaghan - October 24, 2019

A little booklet by above. Here’s a nice Peoples Democracy pamphlet from 1978, written by John McAnulty…

A People Undefeated https://redmolerising.wordpress.com/2019/10/24/a-people-undefeated/?fbclid=IwAR0AzHtTXhaL8nta-lcVJqQZ0dF4MkIa92sPsBd8uo9rD7kw1_zCVhfjQ-k

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2. Brian Patterson - October 25, 2019

I knew John as an INTO activist (Northern section) in the union’s more radical years, late 70′ to mid 90’s under Gerry Quigley, Al Mackle and Frank Bunting. We did not always see eye to eye politically but a really nice guy whose commitment to a free United socialist Ireland was absolute.

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