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O’Devaney Gardens… November 6, 2019

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An overview from Independent Left of how matters went at Dublin City Council only the other night. Also included Cllr. John Lyon’s response to the vote at DCC. Some interesting signposts in that vote as to how various parties view the future, and some of the stresses within those parties.


1. AdoPerry - November 7, 2019

The campaign to retain the public lands had a massive community input. Several cllrs spoke of the largest number of emails and calls on any single issue. While the lands appear to be lost to a private developer the politic knock on will be interesting. Both Gary Gannon of the SD’s and Mary Lou of the Shinners have been damaged. Both are viewed by local residents and housing activists as opposing the existing community view or of being out of touch with local needs.
For those not aware of the situation, the 14 acre site is publicly owned and was described by the developer as the best site in Dublin. The vote the other night gave the site to the developer for free. If you think that’s outrageous then the €10 million state grant for infrastructure and the writing off of development levies which the developer also receives may send you over the edge.
The local campaign wanted the 30% social housing element retained but the remaining 70% to be public affordable rental.
What the SD, Green, FF and Labour alliance sought is 30% social, 20% private and the rest a mixture of so called affordable rent and purchase. The madness continues here because they propose to buy back these units at full market price from the developer ( approx €500,000 per unit) which will cost an additional €110 million to the taxpayer. Sadly, these units will still not be affordable to ordinary working families and may be snapped up by people earning over €70,009 per household.


WorldbyStorm - November 7, 2019

Thanks Ado for that analysis of the situation. It is criminal what is happening but worse how locked in most of the parties seem to be to a consensus


CL - November 7, 2019

‘criminal’ is the right word to use. The complicity of so-called left wing parties in this criminality needs to be exposed.

“Is it crazy to believe in the idea that public land should be used to meet the housing needs of the public and not to enrich a wealthy property developer?”-John Lyons.

There is an alternative to this Thatcherite criminality.

“With the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, municipal socialism has once again returned to the Labour Party’s agenda in a powerful way. “With amazing creativity in the toughest of times, we are seeing the first shoots of the renaissance of local government for the many, not the few—the rebirth of municipal socialism”, Corbyn proclaimed in February of this year….
one of the leading models of re-emerging, modern-day municipal socialism in the UK is to be found in Preston….
“This kind of radicalism”, argued John McDonnell in a 2016 speech at the Preston-based, worker-owned transport company TAS, “is exactly what we need across the whole country”.


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AdoPerry - November 7, 2019

It’s indeed telling that the SD’s, Greens, Labour and Shinners all said that we are beholding to a FG government but when challenged about change after the next election they expressed reservations that would happen. I think the vote on Monday was partly an advert for all their willingness to be part of ANY political dynamic after the upcoming elections. It was their way of saying we’ll work with you to both FG and FF.

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CL - November 7, 2019

Is it possible to have a list of those who voted for the proposal and their respective parties, and those who opposed?
Those implementing Thatcherism by helping parasites appropriate public property for private use must be held to account.
Publicizing the names will expose those who are contributing to the misery of homelessness.


Joe - November 7, 2019
tafkaGW - November 7, 2019

Thanks for the clarification, as a non-Dub I had no idea where that was, even.

BTW here in Berlin the SPD and Greens had to be dragged kicking and screaming towards a 5-year rental freeze on older buildings by the combined forces of the anti-gentrification, anti-rentier capitalist movements and federation of local campaigns and die Linke in government.

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2. Joe - November 7, 2019

My Facebook says that the various far left groups and the Campaign for Public Housing are sticking it in particular to Gary Gannon on this. He may have lost some votes from what remains of the community in O’Devaney but sadly it probably won’t make much of a ripple in many other parts of the Dublin Central Dáil constituency.


AdoPerry - November 7, 2019

That would be the hope of Gannon himself but the fact that several local SD members and their Trinity/UCD student branches have condemned his vote has caused him some discomfort. The negative financial implications for the taxpayers may resonate in the wealthier parts of the constituency coupled with the fact that his deal may unravel and expose his inexperience. I live in hope 😀

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WorldbyStorm - November 7, 2019

Is he still as popular, or well known – which okay I accept is not quite the same thing, as he was even 18 months ago? I’d have thought his star wasn’t quite as bright. particularly after the sort of stuff the other day.


3. CL - November 19, 2019

Speaking on RTÉ’s Today with Sean O’Rourke-

“Fianna Fáil councillor Mary Fitzpatrick said Sinn Féin had “no credibility” on the issue.
She said Sinn Féin had put together “an appalling deal”, which would have seen 50% of the land allocated for private housing and would not have delivered any affordable rental housing on the site”

“Sinn Féin President Mary Lou McDonald has hit out at the Dublin Agreement Group for “misleading the public and other councillors” on the proposed development at O’Devaney Gardens.

The Dublin Central TD said:

“The Dublin Agreement Group comprising of Fianna Fáil, Labour, Green and Social Democrats have misled the public and other Dublin City Councillors on the proposed development at Dublin City Council.

“Documentation secured by my colleague Eoin Ó Broin shows that there will be no additional affordable rental accommodation at the site. This is despite claims from the Agreement Group that an additional 30% of the development for affordable rental housing had been secured.

“This deal represents a bonanza for the developer at the expense of the local community and working families. Not alone does it make affordable homes unaffordable for ordinary workers, it also will not deliver a single affordable rental home….
The Dublin Agreement Group’s bad deal should be scrapped immediately.”


WorldbyStorm - November 19, 2019

The coalition in waiting writ small


CL - November 19, 2019

I wish I could have more faith in the prospective opposition.

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