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£6.3bn November 8, 2019

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On the RTÉ Brexit Republic podcast Tony Connelly noted that it is calculated that the UK has spent £6.3bn in no-deal Brexit preparations.


1. tafkaGW - November 8, 2019

A snip at the price.

Will, as many BLP supporters hope, the campaign make a major difference, as it did in 2017?

I’m waiting with some anticipation to see polling changes. Even though they got the final result wrong, the aggregate polling certainly reflected the direction and gradient of change during the campaign.

See here:


If the assumption is true, then we will expect to see a 5% ish increase in Labour support polled during the first couple of weeks of the campaign. In 2017 the increase was apparent from the start of official campaigning.

Here’s hoping.

The Tories and the Brexit Party are certainly doing their bit. Perhaps even Joe Swinson: the notion that you can be hyperactively pro-Remain and rule out the only remaining path to Remain: through a Labour-led government and a referendum I suspect will get very threadbare very soon. 🙂


tafkaGW - November 8, 2019

Ms. Swinson is a Jo and not a Joe of course


Saints and Scholars - November 8, 2019

Not sure if supporting a Labour-led government is the only way to secure Remain, especially as Labour, for better or for worse, is not itself committed to Remain. That possibility presupposes that the Tories don’t have an overall majority and are unable to cobble together a pro-Brexit overall majority with others. So, the Lib Dems can align with Labour on any votes specifically on Brexit and presumably defeat any Tory proposal on the subject. Am I missing something?


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