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Sunday and other Media Stupid Statements from this week… November 10, 2019

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Stephen Collins wastes no time in arguing that ‘pandering to men with guns’ is in part the reason for the brutal attack on Kevin Lunney and then sub head argues that ‘Light touch policing has left Cavan-Fermanagh Border in thrall to republican crimials’.

The shocking torture of Kevin Lunney has exposed the absence of the basic conditions of law and order to which the community is entitled.
It is important that pressure is now maintained on the authorities in both jurisdictions to finally get to grips with the requirement to provide proper policing along the Border so the community is no longer held hostage by criminal and republican gangs and their bosses.

Yet the very same paper the next day asserts that:

While often referred to as a republican and even as a maverick paramilitary, gardaí believe [the alleged director of the attack on Kevin Lunney] had no political beliefs and was a criminal motivated solely by money throughout his adult life.

Meanwhile the IT editorial has decided that the tactical approaches in the North are ‘sectarian’.

The move by four of the big parties in Northern Ireland not to contest some Westminster election constituencies for tactical reasons represents a disappointing retreat to tribal politics but, on the positive side, it has raised the prospect of significant change on both sides of the sectarian divide. The outcome will depend on how many voters feel that the stance of their politicians on Brexit is more important to them than simple tribal allegiance.

But here’s curious paradox. That same SDLP, one of the ‘big four’ is also not sectarian, or something? And the UUP likewise. Even if it has acted – as the IT sees it – in a sectarian way. Because:

If the SDLP, the UUP or Alliance can win seats it will mean that the voice of a majority of people in Northern Ireland will be heard in the new British parliament and that would be a really positive development. It would also be a sign that there is some hope for normal politics in the North, starting with the resumption of the devolved institutions at Stormont.

Huh? Or could it be that there is a real divide, and real tactical efforts (in the context of FPTP electoral seats) driven not by ‘sectarianism’ but by a wish to keep the DUP out due to its leading role in Brexit?

The IT sent an M&S weekly shopper to Lidl and vice versa. What larks ensued!

Next I spot the Deluxe range, to which, of course, I’m immediately drawn. As I stand before the packed shelf, my eyes adjust and land on lobster bisque (€1.49). I look around; they can’t actually be selling lobster bisque in Lidl? Then I notice the wild salmon caviar (€2.99), the Acacia honey (€5.49), the – gasp – Deluxe truffle dipping oil (€1.79). While bagging the truffle oil I feel strangely guilty. Surely this isn’t what shopping in Lidl should be like?

In 2019 is this parody? Apparently not. Nor the fact that for two people the usual shopping bill comes in at €500 per month.


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