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Spain November 11, 2019

Posted by WorldbyStorm in Uncategorized.

Depressing to see the result of the latest election in Spain – one that saw the genuinely reactionary Vox sweep into third place in no small part off the back of the crisis in Catalonia. Any thoughts on where matters proceed from here.


1. Citizen of Nowhere - November 12, 2019

I didn’t follow the campaign, but it was either an extraordinarily bad idea to call the election, or the racist neo-Francoists were allowed to set the agenda. Additionally too many elections led to a decline in participation which generally disproportionally damages the left, but the PSOE should have anticipated that.

Sánchez had a coalition possibility earlier this year but now that has been squandered and it’s hard to see how he can build a coalition. And he’s strengthened the PP vote through returned Ciudadanos.

VOX is another example of a racist right wing party that has two functions. They make it hard to form a workable coalition that excludes them. But worse they are part of the softening up process for the killing of many millions of humans who will need to migrate because of climate change; either by neglect or more actively.

Anyone have any idea why Sánchez imagined he would do better than last time, and what happened during the campaign?


WorldbyStorm - November 12, 2019

My sense is neither the PSOE nor Podemos really were willing to work with the context of the situation. To rerun the election given the increasing brittleness of matters in Catalonia was unwise in the extreme. But that’s just my sense.


2. Paul Culloty - November 12, 2019

Thankfully, it seems both parties have come to their senses, and a Socialist-Podemos coalition has been provisionally agreed:


As Podemos has a numerically significant Catalan affiliate (En Comu Podem), talks with Catalonia may well begin in earnest, and most significantly, the Basque PNV has expressed support for the coalition, and would be an honest broker to all sides.


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