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A New Tactic …… November 12, 2019

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There was a bit of fuss over the past day or so about Tweets from Fianna Fáil Dublin Fingal By-Election candidate Lorraine Clifford Lee. Whilst obviously I disagree with the content of the Tweets, one angle of the story was where it originated, the right wing anti choice website Gript.
So the story appeared, was shared by various of our Right Wing commentators , it then got publicity (later picked up by the Indo, RTE etc) … soon Fianna Fáil had to respond to queries on it and make a statement. Then FF TD’s went on the airwaves to defend the candidate ……
Now in the normal run of things it’s a story that lasts a day, however if we go back to the where the story originated there’s a wider issue at play.
When the Far Right candidates running in the various By-Elections and beyond start (as they will) making racist, anti immigrant comments, FF having previously played down the comments by Clifford Lee will be in a weakened position to criticise them, and more importantly for them, they will also be able to make an equivalence with what Clifford Lee said and the racist misogynistic bile that will come out of their mouths.


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