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Attention seeker November 12, 2019

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Not the worst response from the Taoiseach to this from Noel Grealish in the Dáil today. Someone clearly is enjoying his notoriety and absolutely heedless of his rhetoric. But this is coat-trailing of the worst sort.


1. NFB - November 12, 2019

Shouldn’t be too hard to find out if Grealish has relatives who emigrated, or if his family had in the past. What with him being Irish, it’s practically inevitable. Then he should be asked if the money sent back to Ireland should have been monitored for criminality.

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irishelectionliterature - November 13, 2019

from his website…
“Noel Grealish grew up in a large Carnmore family of nine boys and one girl.

Like so many in the West of Ireland, many of the Grealish family had to emigrate in search of work — at one point there were seven of them abroad, and currently Noel has three siblings living in Boston and one each in Copenhagen, Chicago and Nebraska.”


NFB - November 13, 2019

Standard rank hypocrisy then.


WorldbyStorm - November 13, 2019



2. roddy - November 13, 2019

I know plenty from here who emigrated to work on sites and never paid tax,stamp or anything else.They broke into unoccupied buildings and squatted and were able to amass great savings which they sent home to improve the lives of their families and in some cases built homes for themselves at home.Nobody I know thought they did the slightest thing wrong and indeed commended them.

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3. Paul Culloty - November 13, 2019

He got an answer from Seán Kyne of €17m per year, and that fully three weeks ago!


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Liberius - November 13, 2019

Regularly when reading written questions it’s hard not to think that the TDs are on fishing expeditions, in this case Grealish landed a fish substantially smaller than wanted so it what any self-respecting political angler would do, head down the shops…

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