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Ban private jets? November 12, 2019

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About time.

Labour is exploring plans to ban private jets from UK airports from as early as 2025 should it win the election, in the party’s latest broadside against the super-rich.
After a report revealed carbon emissions from the sector equivalent to 450,000 cars each year, Andy McDonald, the shadow transport secretary, said that billionaire users of private fossil fuel aircraft were damaging the climate and the party would consider a ban.
He tweeted on Monday: “The multi-millionaires & billionaires who travel by private jet are doing profound damage to the climate, and it’s the rest of us who’ll suffer the consequences. A phase-out date for the use of fossil fuel private jets is a sensible proposal.”

This isn’t anti-tech. As the piece also notes:

The warning shot came in response to a report from Common Wealth, a thinktank with close links to Jeremy Corbyn, and A Free Ride, a campaign group that called for a ban in Britain from 2025 to encourage the development of electric aircraft.

It is kind of staggering to see how polluting private aircraft can be:

According to the assessment, a typical private jet passenger journey within Europe emits seven times as much greenhouse gas as a flight in business class on a typical airliner, 10 times as much as flying economy class and about 150 times as much as an equivalent journey using high-speed rail.

Which makes one think about military aircraft…what is their footprint?


1. Michael Carley - November 12, 2019

Every year I accompany my students to do a flight test as part of their degree course and the ground handling is done by the same companies that handle bizjets.

Last year, at Exeter Airport, we were told we needed to leave on time because a lot of bizjets were coming later that afternoon. For the start of the hunting season.


2. tafkaGW - November 12, 2019

Answer: yes, immediately.


3. tafkaGW - November 12, 2019

Military aircraft footprint I imagine is enormous. Luckily there are not so many of them and they are exceedingly expensive.


4. Saints and Scholars - November 12, 2019


Labour is exploring…. by 2025. Let’s see how this develops but all we have so far is envy signalling (under an alibi of protecting the planet) rather than a bankable “policy”.

Virtue isn’t a taxi cab that you can take to the destination of your choice and convenience and then dismiss. By a country mile, the biggest contributors to my personal carbon score are Ryanair flights to European destinations. Hard to argue in principle that leisure flying should proceed “willy nilly” but private flights be banned.

And, if the answer is that the former should carry a climate change levy…. well let’s hear Labour “explore” introducing that by…. 2025. And, if a carbon change levy on “ordinary” folks is the right answer, why not something similar but proportionate for private flights rather than an outright ban. But, we know the answer to that question.


tafkaGW - November 12, 2019

“Envy signalling.”

I would describe it a class consciousness.

Take the climate-destroying toys away from the super-rich boys.

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Alibaba - November 13, 2019

I dislike travel bans on a point of principle and consider them virtually impossible to win given that super-rich boys and girls use the private jets. Just thinking out loud: how about making the sale of air transport fuel subject to an international tax at the point of sale? This would give the private users a proportionate penalty for the damage done with carbon emissions. As for ordinary people who use flights any tax could be diminished by the manner in which we are jam-packed into the planes and exemptions should be given for X holidays per year. 

What’s more, give an incentive to use ship-rail-bus links as an alternative form of travel, including arguing for longer holidays, serious subsidies for rail travel over longer distances and all the good suggestions made on the other threads here.


5. Jim Monaghan - November 13, 2019

I would ban internal flights in Ireland. A small island. I would question some of the small airports, eg Waterford. There is a cargo cult thing about air travel. Build an airport and the jobs will come.


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