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Welcome to a new age of centre-left, social democracy! November 12, 2019

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Great news yesterday.

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has said he and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar should agree an “orderly wind-down” of the deal underpinning the Government ahead of the general election.
Mr Martin said an agreed conclusion would show that confidence and supply, the mechanism that sees his party facilitate the Fine Gael-led minority administration, can provide stable government.
The confidence-and-supply agreement lapses once Brexit takes effect and the legislation giving effect to the budget is passed.
Mr Martin’s comments, in an interview with The Irish Times, raise the prospect of an agreed election timetable with Mr Varadkar.

I’m really enjoying watching how FF are trying to bridge the gap between their de facto support of the present administration across now near enough four years and their need to criticise that administration. For example:

“The Government hasn’t delivered in health or housing … but nonetheless, can we bring this to a reasonable, sensible conclusion that just demonstrates: ‘Here’s an exercise that has its critics, but it leads to government for a period of time?’

And this is simply weird:

He said the confidence-and-supply agreement has probably been “the most effective thing” Fianna Fáil has done “to rebuild trust with the Irish people”, although many in his own party, and those who are annoyed with current government policy, are not happy with it.

Really? Self-praise is no praise, and so on…

Meanwhile, new social democratic left of centre age?

He said the next election would be a context between two “political visions”.
He said it would in essence be about a centre-left, social democratic vision offered by him, and a centre-right, Christian democratic vision offered by Mr Varadkar. Mr Martin also said he wanted to take on Mr Varadkar in a head-to-head leaders’ debate during the campaign.

I don’t disagree with his characterisation of Fine Gael and this government. But… I’d imagine quite a few of us are sceptical about his characterisation of what a future FF government will offer.

People rightly, suggested that we saw in outline at the O’Devaney Gardens votes messages being sent to FF (and FG). Telling to see messages being sent the other way.


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